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John Sebastian Schaeffer Personal Page!
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My Bio, Portrait, Nuclear Family + Pics
My Nuclear FamilyMy 145 Pics
Established Schaeffer and Long in 1968. Married wife Lorraine in 1952. Dad to eleven kids.
My Portrait Important Details
Birthday: Jul 9, 1917 # Pics: 145
Birthplace: Reading, PA My Gen: 8
Birth Note: My site ID: h71
Last Res: Deptford, NJ My Chart: John 1917
Please read!
Date: May 22, 2001 Plc: Deptford, NJ Burial:
He was the devoted husband of Lorraine Schaeffer for 49 years and was survived by his sister, Edith Forte, his former wife, Bertha Neumann, and his brother and constant companion, Fred Neumann. He was the father of 11 children and is survivied by nine of them. They are: Freidrich (Jacquelyn) Schaeffer of Goldsboro, NC, Erich (Carol) Schaeffer of Philadelphia, PA, James (Rebecca) Dicken of Asgah Forrest, NC, Charles (Jeanne) Dicken of Brigantine, NJ, Harold Schaeffer of Westville, NJ, Johann (Jeanette) of Williamstown, NJ, Roman H. of Hollywood, CA, Sean (Melissa) McErlean of Glassboro, NJ and Valkry Toolen of Philadelphia, PA. He was also survived by 19 grandchildren and 29 great grandchildren.
Occupation: Master metalsmith and antique car restoration expert
Fave Topics: Well-versed in a number of fields including but not limited to: politics, antique cars, books, and John Schaeffer.
Fun Fact(s):
Misc Stuff:
Me with my wife Lorraine in 1996.
Family Portrait My Nuclear Family
My Parents
Father:    Marion Schaeffer (1892-)
Mother:    Ruth Miller-Sebastian (1899-1971)
        m. (date unknown, place unknown)
Spouse 1:    Bertha Agnes Neumann (1921-2001)
        m. (date unknown, place unknown); d. 1951-52
(Dad):           UnknFirstM Neumann (-)
(Mom):           Dorothy UnknLastF (-)
Children:    Valkry Greta (Aug 12, 1937—)
   Friedrich Karl (Aug 5, 1939—)
   Thornia Alice (Sep 9, 1940—Jun 9, 1941)
   Erich, Sr (Nov 5, 1941—Apr 11, 2016)
   Siglinda Threar (May 9, 1944—Jun 9, 1944)
Spouse 2:    Lorraine Nelson (Sep 17, 1927—)
        m. 7-19-1952, Philadelphia, PA
(Dad):           Burlie Nelson, Sr (1901-1949)
(Mom):           Estelle Williams (1908-1997)
Children:    James (Nov 5, 1945—Jul, 2016)
   Charles (Oct 30, 1946—)
   Harold Nelson (Mar 5, 1955—)
   Johann Adolf (Jan 8, 1963—)
   Roman (Feb 20, 1966—)
   Sean (Mar 27, 1967—)
Fred, me, Jonah, Lisa and John.
Photos 1-60 (of 145) of John!
I have 145 pics available here (pics 1-60 shown below.) I am unable to submit additional pics myself; if you have any not shown below, perhaps you will contribute them?
All My Pics: 1-6061-145
Jackie and John. Relaxing. Fred, John, Jonah, Lisa, John. Fred, John, and Karl. Fred and John pier fishing. Fred and John pier fishing. John and Fred. Catch of the day.
p12084/29/2001 p11474/28/2001 p12174/22/2001 p111010/9/1999 p111410/9/1999 p111510/9/1999
800 x 641, 108K 800 x 750, 123K 800 x 783, 154K 800 x 645, 126K 800 x 524, 110K 800 x 760, 138K

Jackie, John, Lorraine, and Fred. Deptford, N.J. John Schaeffer with Fred, Erich, Val, Jimmy, and Jimmy Jr. John and Lorraine. Jeremy and John at a birthday party. John and Fred. Birthday party. John and Fred. Robersonville, N.C.
p11137/9/1999 p8431999 p7397/28/1996 p12037/7/1993 p12047/7/1993 p12057/3/1993
800 x 553, 109K 800 x 520, 110K 800 x 804, 137K 800 x 790, 131K 800 x 633, 100K 800 x 561, 101K

Jeremy, Grand Pop, and Great Grandpop. Jeremy and Kristin with Great Grandpop. Party at Mom and Dad house in NJ. Mom, Dad, and Sean James at Dad's birthday dinner. Sean, Harold, Fred, John, and Edward. Party at Deptford. Sean James with proud Grandpop.
p11067/2/1993 p11051993-07 p3321990's p7071990's p7461990's p7481990's
800 x 719, 129K 800 x 520, 87K 800 x 484, 103K 800 x 556, 94K 800 x 495, 108K 800 x 645, 103K

John, Lorraine, Gus and Val. Unknown event. Jeremy, John, Jackie, Fred, Lisa, Kristin, Lorraine, and Estelle. Fred, Gail, and John. The Schaeffer Clan at Johann and Jeanette's wedding. Jim with Dad and Mom. Dad and Mom with Becky, Christan, and John on vacation.
p8041990's p11331990's p12881990's p13078/6/1988 p8551/31/1988 p9151986
800 x 700, 115K 800 x 557, 135K 800 x 558, 98K 800 x 624, 125K 800 x 506, 91K 800 x 938, 162K

Dad and Mom with Becky, Christan, and John on vacation. Dad, Jim, Becky, Christan, and John at the beach. Picnic Day in the Back Yard Harold with Mom and Dad in Colorado. Harold with Dad and Uncle Gus in Colorado. Harold with Mom and Dad in Colorado.
p9161986 p9211986 p15651980's p3051980's p3061980's p3081980's
800 x 624, 122K 800 x 818, 141K 1200 x 1269, 437K 800 x 612, 152K 800 x 542, 86K 800 x 638, 96K

Harold with Mom and Dad in Colorado. Harold with Dad and Uncle Gus at the Coors brewery in Colorado. Harold with Mom and Dad in Colorado. Harold with Dad, Westville NJ. Dad with Fred and Harold. Looking proud. Harold with Dad. Love this shot.
p3091980's p3111980's p3121980's p3141980's p3291980's p3861980's
800 x 740, 112K 800 x 600, 96K 800 x 800, 109K 800 x 852, 140K 800 x 596, 128K 800 x 860, 152K

Dad, Roman, and Hans, seeing visitors off. Mom, Dad, Nana, Roman and Sean. Backyard. Chuck and Dad with Delmas Williams. Nana with Mom and Dad. Cape May Lewis ferry. Mom and Dad at Lorraine Grumm's wedding. Dad gives Lorraine Grumm away.
p5571980's p5721980's p6151980's p6621980's p7561980's p7571980's
800 x 838, 230K 800 x 1188, 377K 800 x 659, 137K 800 x 667, 125K 800 x 855, 146K 800 x 1073, 144K

Mom and Dad in a Brown wedding portrait. Dad with Christan. Dad in his chair. Dad, Jim and Christan. Deptford, N.J. Dad, Becky, and Christan. Deptford, N.J. Christan with Grandmom and Grandpop. N.J.
p7591980's p8581980's p9001980's p9031980's p9061980's p9531980's
800 x 797, 129K 800 x 643, 88K 800 x 626, 91K 800 x 635, 110K 800 x 832, 151K 800 x 679, 151K

Becky, Christa, John, Buddie, Dot, Nana, and Aunt Mae. Christan with Grandmom and Grandpop. Gus, Fred, Jackie, John, and Lorraine. Octoberfest. Tricia and John. Octoberfest. N.Y. John and Fred. Octoberfest. Keg Mountain. John, Nana, Lorraine, Chuck, Mae, Buddy, and Dot.
p9951980's p9961980's p12751980's p12761980's p12781980's p13011980's
800 x 584, 99K 800 x 796, 111K 800 x 561, 115K 800 x 667, 126K 800 x 468, 117K 800 x 428, 100K

John and Buddy. Dot, Estelle, Lorraine, John, Buddy, April, and Mae. Lorraine, Dot, and John. John and Buddy. Mom and Dad. Chapel Hill, N.C. Johann, Danny, Fred, Marion, John and Lisa Schaeffer
p13031980's p13811980's p14361980's p14991980's p6006/5/1970 p2551970's
800 x 784, 98K 800 x 738, 162K 800 x 603, 127K 800 x 587, 83K 800 x 936, 199K 800 x 834, 151K
All My Pics: 1-6061-145
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