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John Sebastian Schaeffer Additional Pics!
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Photos 61-145 (of 145) of John!
I have 145 pics available here (pics 61-145 shown below.) I am unable to submit additional pics myself; if you have any not shown below, perhaps you will contribute them?
Harold and Johann with Dad on Graduation day. Harold, Johann, and Chuck with Dad and Grandpa fishing at the river. Harold with Mom and Dad. Proud parents. Johann, Fred, and Dad at Hunter Mountain Octoberfest. Carol, Johann, John, Marion, and Lorraine. Backyard. Chuck and Dad, at Chuck's wedding.
p3021970's p3281970's p3841970's p4101970's p4241970's p5031970's
800 x 1288, 179K 800 x 712, 136K 800 x 895, 148K 800 x 764, 152K 800 x 750, 134K 800 x 634, 110K

Mom, Dad, and Uncle Gus with Chuck and (Gail?), at Christmas. Nana, Mom, and Dad with Chuck and Gail in backyard. N.J. Mom, Dad, and Chuck at the Village Ale House. Harold, Hans, and Chuck with Dad, and Grandpop at the river. Nana, Mom, and Dad with Chuck and Gail in backyard. N.J. Everybody looking at the camera this time. Mom, Dad, Fred, Jackie, and Hans at Hunter mountain.
p5041970's p5191970's p5351970's p5431970's p5451970's p5971970's
800 x 879, 146K 800 x 839, 134K 832 x 684, 155K 800 x 734, 150K 800 x 826, 171K 800 x 498, 122K

Dad and Nana, on vacation. Dad and Sean in the pool. Probably Hershey, PA. Mom and Dad with Sean at confirmation. Dad, Mom, and Sean. Sean and Dad. Dad and Sean in the pool. Hershey, PA.
p6351970 p7261970's p7411970's p7471970's p7641970's p7791970's
800 x 586, 117K 800 x 759, 121K 800 x 718, 137K 800 x 936, 153K 800 x 688, 112K 800 x 695, 114K

Dad and Sean in the pool. Hershey, PA. Dad, Mom, and Sean in the spot. Joe, Val, Janet, Maureen, Kathleen with Dad. John, Tricia, Jackie, Lorraine, and Fred on the deck in Mass. Fred, Tricia, John, Lisa, and Lorraine out front, Mass. Fred, Jackie, Lisa, Tricia, Lorraine, and John. Mass.
p7821970's p7831970's p8101970's p10431970's p10461970's p10811970's
800 x 647, 102K 800 x 662, 127K 800 x 530, 121K 800 x 565, 94K 800 x 720, 121K 800 x 666, 110K

Fred and Jackie, Lorraine and John. Octoberfest. Fred, John, Lorraine, Lisa, and Tricia. Octoberfest. N.Y. Johann, John, Marion, Fred, and Chuck at the river. Gus, Fred, and John. Octoberfest. Buddy and Dot, Nana, Al and Mae, Lorraine and John. John, Al, and Buddy.
p10821970's p11091970's p11341970's p12481970's p13161970's p13211970's
800 x 565, 105K 800 x 583, 95K 800 x 664, 144K 800 x 632, 119K 800 x 603, 105K 800 x 628, 124K

Lorraine, Bob, and John. Group Shot Johann and Harold with Dad at birthday party. Posing on the Walkway John Schaeffer, Johann Schaeffer, and Roman John Schaeffer, Roman and Johann Schaeffer
p14721970's p15441969 p3231960's p15425/23/1968 p2181960's p2191960's
800 x 599, 112K 1200 x 1490, 361K 800 x 708, 106K 800 x 1083, 225K 800 x 797, 114K 800 x 789, 125K

Johann, John, Harold, and Lorraine Schaeffer. Looks like Easter Roman and Johann and the Wheelbarrow Dad with Roman and Hans. Christmas time. Harold, Johann, and John in Easter Duds. Check out the Mohawk. John, Johann, and Lorraine Schaeffer, Easter on Allegheny Ave. Mom and Dad with Chuck and Harold.
p2671960's p15311966- p5601966 p2571960's p2581960's p6121960-08
800 x 862, 144K 800 x 1077, 228K 800 x 923, 148K 800 x 853, 129K 800 x 867, 128K 800 x 646, 136K

John and Lorraine. Johann remembers the lamp. Becky, Kate, Lorraine, Harold, John, and Chuck. Harold with dad at Crystal Cave playground. Harold with Dad and cousin Sue. NC. Fred and Dad. Fred and John. Standing tall, looking good.
p14821960-08 p14571960-08 p2961960 p3411960's p10741960's p10781960's
800 x 781, 141K 800 x 830, 173K 800 x 1022, 197K 800 x 917, 164K 800 x 761, 177K 800 x 1380, 189K

Sonny, Al, Lorraine, Michael, John, and Lorraine. Glen Bernie, MD. John with one of his cars. Chuck and Harold on the seesaw with Dad. John Schaeffer and Harold Schaeffer Harold and Dad. Chuck, Jim, and Harold with Dad. Fun in the snow.
p12651960's p14761960's p4851959 p2161958-04 p3241958 p3651958
800 x 868, 152K 800 x 662, 117K 800 x 642, 169K 800 x 777, 141K 800 x 851, 177K 800 x 743, 136K

Harold and Dad, playing in the snow. Harold with Dad. John and Lorraine. John and Lorraine with newborn son Harold. Buddy Nelson and John Schaeffer Jim and Chuck with Dad and Mom.
p3921958 p3961958 p14801955-08 p2971955 p2103/8/1953 p8751952
800 x 871, 150K 800 x 1084, 195K 800 x 654, 125K 800 x 772, 138K 1068 x 1068, 219K 800 x 849, 171K

John and Lorraine Dad with Harold and Sonny. Dad with Chuck and Jim. Dad with Jim and Chuck. Unknown young girl. Dad with Jim and Chuck. Looking sharp. Jim and Dad, fun in the snow.
p1658/26/1951 p4081950's p4881950's p5081950's p5091950's p5851950's
341 x 375, 17K 800 x 706, 112K 800 x 1175, 199K 800 x 927, 160K 800 x 803, 178K 800 x 822, 107K

Dad with Erich, Jim, and Chuck. Dad with Fred, Jim, and Chuck at the park. Dad and Val in the schoolyard. Fred, Tommy, Harold, and John with Pudgie at the lake. John and Fred. Fishing. Val, Erich, and Fred with Dad.
p6101950's p6111950's p7961950's p11251950's p14731950's p4581940's
800 x 797, 115K 800 x 766, 122K 800 x 907, 137K 800 x 685, 176K 800 x 861, 145K 800 x 1126, 207K

Dad with Jim and Chuck. Jim, John, Chuck, and Fred at the fountain. John and Bert. John and friend looking at a new car. Buddy Nelson, John Schaeffer, Jim and Chuck Dicken John and Lorraine Schaeffer
p8771940's p11221940's p12461940's p14511939 p9520th c. p10020th c.
800 x 873, 165K 800 x 766, 153K 800 x 1101, 168K 800 x 484, 102K 423 x 341, 25K 339 x 334, 26K

John and Lorraine Schaeffer John and Lorraine Schaeffer John and Lorraine Schaeffer with Gus Neumann (in MA) Chuck Dicken and John Schaeffer John Schaeffer, Harold Schaeffer and Cathy Nelson John Schaeffer
p10120th c. p10220th c. p10320th c. p21320th c. p21720th c. p23320th c.
435 x 339, 20K 424 x 349, 19K 349 x 437, 29K 800 x 766, 122K 800 x 768, 128K 800 x 784, 146K

Dad with sister Edith
p24820th c.
190 x 154, 11K
All My Pics: 1-6061-145
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