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My Bio, Portrait, Nuclear Family + Pics
My Nuclear FamilyMy 101 Pics
I am a registered nurse currently working at a nursing home in Williamstown, NJ. I run a small 18 bed sub-acute unit. I love to cook, and to listen to music on my iPod.
My Portrait Important Details
Birthday: Jan 8, 1963 # Pics: 101
Birthplace: Pennsylvania My Gen: 9
Birth Note: My site ID: h138
Current Res: Franklinville, New Jersey My Chart: John 1917
Please read!
Education: NJ Nursing School, grad 1985
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Fave Topics: Philadelphia Flyers, My Luv Bunny, Cooking, Music, and projects inside and outside my house
Fun Fact(s): Dad used to call me 'Joanne' because my hair reached down to my shoulders. Also, I almost got arrested once over a thrown snowball.
Misc Stuff: It's good to have a King...if you're The King!
The above pic is me in the kitchen washing dishes, c. 200x.
Family Portrait My Nuclear Family
My Parents
Father:    John Sebastian Schaeffer (1917-2001)
Mother:    Lorraine Nelson (Sep 17, 1927—)
        m. 7-19-1952, Philadelphia, PA
Spouse 1:    Jeanette Orbanus (May 7, 1960—)
        m. 8-11-1987, Williamstown, NJ
(Dad):           (—)
(Mom):           (—)
Me with wife Jeanette, brother Harold, Mom, and brother Roman. Filomena (Deptford), 2014.
Photos 1-60 (of 101) of Johann!
I have 101 pics available here (shown below.) Recent pics should always be available for others to see; as I search for some, perhaps if you have any recent pics of me not shown, you will contribute them!
All My Pics: 1-6061-101
Become Detective Schaeffer! Visiting JJ's House Visiting JJ's House Filomena in Deptford, NJ Early Morning at JJ's House Night Before an Early Flight
p1874Feb, 2022 p18399-27-2019 p18409-27-2019 p179012-07-2014 p173112-3-2009 p169311-29-2007
1200 x 1963, 771K 1600 x 1586, 685K 1600 x 1586, 536K 1600 x 1586, 601K 1600 x 1586, 558K 1600 x 1586, 545K

Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's House Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's House The Night Before Thanksgiving JJ Visiting Mom's House JJ Visiting Mom's House JJ Visiting Mom's House
p168311-22-2007 p168511-22-2007 p168211-21-2007 p167411-16-2007 p167511-16-2007 p167611-16-2007
1600 x 1586, 585K 1600 x 1586, 553K 1600 x 1586, 613K 1600 x 1586, 505K 1600 x 1586, 649K 1600 x 1586, 635K

Mom's 80th Birthday Party Mom's 80th Birthday Party Someone's Headed for the Airport Football Game at Sharky's Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House
p15229-17-2007 p15249-17-2007 p166612-01-2006 p166011-26-2006 p165211-23-2006 p165311-23-2006
1600 x 1982, 754K 1600 x 1982, 749K 1600 x 1586, 571K 1600 x 1628, 631K 1600 x 1586, 568K 1600 x 1586, 564K

Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Roman, Harold, Fred, Hans, and Sean. In the spot. Someone's Headed for the Airport
p165411-23-2006 p165511-23-2006 p165611-23-2006 p165811-23-2006 p6012006-11 p163512-01-2005
1600 x 1628, 654K 1600 x 1628, 672K 1600 x 1628, 661K 1600 x 1586, 619K 800 x 583, 112K 1600 x 1586, 615K

Two Nights After Thanksgiving Cleaning Up All the Leaves at JJ's House Cleaning Up All the Leaves at JJ's House Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's
p162911-29-2005 p162611-27-2005 p162411-26-2005 p160911-24-2005 p161111-24-2005 p161211-24-2005
1600 x 1586, 628K 1600 x 1628, 2 1600 x 1586, 2 1600 x 1586, 513K 1600 x 1586, 574K 1600 x 1586, 567K

Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House The Night Before Thanksgiving
p161311-24-2005 p161411-24-2005 p161711-24-2005 p161811-24-2005 p159111-25-2004 p158911-24-2004
1600 x 1586, 547K 1600 x 1586, 603K 1600 x 1628, 685K 1600 x 1628, 696K 1600 x 1586, 584K 1600 x 1586, 477K

Harold, Johann, Chuck, and Jeanne Thanksgiving at Mom's. Johann and Jeanette at Maggiano's for Mom's birthday. Mom, Harold, and Johann at poolside in NJ. Johann and Jeanette. In Mom kitchen. Harold, Jay, Hans, Mom, and Jackie. Pool party. Jay, Hans, and Sean. Pool party.
p2902004 p5522003 p3332000's p4792000's p5542000's p5552000's
800 x 484, 82K 800 x 478, 66K 800 x 514, 125K 800 x 599, 91K 800 x 528, 106K 800 x 852, 151K

Hans, cleaning up after dinner at Mom's. Johann and Fred. Newfield, N.J. Johann's rasta look Chuck and Johann with Mom, Christmas dinner and snow. Harold and Johann Schaeffer Williamstown, NJ. Jay and Hans. Dad's birthday party.
p5562000's p10992000's p24620th c. p5221995 p2791990's p5961990's
800 x 1194, 183K 800 x 552, 80K 190 x 265, 16K 800 x 701, 142K 800 x 1035, 184K 800 x 537, 84K

Somebody Just Woke Up Johann taking a nap with cuddles. Johann taking a nap. Dad, Roman, and Hans, seeing visitors off. Buried in Sand Buried in Sand
p15611980's p5501980's p5511980's p5571980's p15461970's p15471970's
1200 x 1311, 541K 800 x 559, 111K 800 x 624, 98K 800 x 838, 230K 1200 x 1285, 422K 1200 x 1265, 357K

Group Shot at the Picnic Table Johann, Danny, Fred, Marion, John and Lisa Schaeffer Harold and Johann with Dad on Graduation day. Harold, Johann, and Chuck with Dad and Grandpa fishing at the river. Johann and Harold in the "spot". Johann, Fred, and Dad at Hunter Mountain Octoberfest.
p15491970's p2551970's p3021970's p3281970's p3311970's p4101970's
1200 x 1286, 416K 800 x 834, 151K 800 x 1288, 179K 800 x 712, 136K 800 x 672, 135K 800 x 764, 152K
All My Pics: 1-6061-101
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