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Joan Carol Schaeffer Personal Page!
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My Bio, Portrait, Nuclear Family + Pics
My Nuclear FamilyMy 2 Pics
I haven't yet submitted a brief bio; I likely will do so soon.
My Portrait Important Details
Birthday: Jun 12, 2001 # Pics: 2
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA My Gen: 11
Birth Note: My site ID: h111
Current Res: Shamokin, PA My Chart: Erich 1941
Please read!
Education: Shamokin School, 2005-2019, grad
Wilkes University, 2019-
Occupation: Nursing Aide
Fave Topics: Nursing, friends and cooking
Fun Fact(s): I love musicals, and I have a total shoe obsession
Misc Stuff: I play Dungeons 'n' Dragons, and can play almost every musical instrument
Me with my Dad Erich
Family Portrait My Nuclear Family
No family
portrait available!
Surely family group
shots exist somewhere!
Perhaps you'd like to help!
My Parents
Father:    Erich Siegfried Schaeffer, Jr (Feb 6, 1967—)
Mother:    Joan Marie Hahn (Sep 19, 1968—)
        m. 6-25-1999, Philadelphia, PA
No Spouse(s) or Kid(s) info known
Both Photos of Joan!
I have only two (2) pics available here! I promise to contribute some more pics soon; meanwhile, if you have any good pics of me, perhaps you will contribute them!
Erich and the Irish Lass Joan Carol.
p19194-26-2009 p4432000's
800 x 1356, 290K 800 x 992, 130K
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