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Jeremy Robert Schaeffer Personal Page!
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My Bio, Portrait, Nuclear Family + Pics
My Nuclear FamilyMy 20 Pics
I haven't yet submitted a brief bio; I likely will do so soon.
My Portrait Important Details
Birthday: Jun 18, 1985 # Pics: 20
Birthplace: Pittsfield, MA My Gen: 11
Birth Note: My site ID: h126
Current Res: Pikeville, NC My Chart: Fred 1939
Please read!
Fave Topics:
Fun Fact(s):
Misc Stuff:
Me back in the 1980's.
Family Portrait My Nuclear Family
My Parents
Father:    John Matthew Doyle (Oct 29, 1964—)
Mother:    Lisa Marie Schaeffer (Sep 4, 1966—)
        m. 10-8-1998, Goldsboro, NC; d. 2008
Spouse 1:    Stephanie Brooks Hart (Feb 18, 1988—)
        m. 5-4-2010, Goldsboro, NC
(Dad):           Michael Hart (—)
(Mom):           Crystal UnknLastF (—)
Children:    Maci Lynn (Jul 12, 2010—)
   Colby Weston (Aug 19, 2014—)
   Cooper Friedrich (Jul 23, 2018—)
In this pic are Fred, Jackie, Daniel, Lisa, Tricia, John, me, Saralyn, Jonah, MaKenzie, Karl, Charles, Anthony, James, Gillian, Leyna and Stephanie
All 20 Photos of Jeremy!
I have 20 pics available here (shown below.) Recent pics should always be available for others to view, so I'm going to try to find some. Meanwhile, perhaps if you have any recent pics of me, you will contribute them!
Time at the Cabin (and the Area) Time at the Cabin (and the Area) Jeremy, Kristin, Saralyn, and Jonah. Portrait. Jeremy. Looking bored. Saralyn, Kristin, Jonah, and Jeremy. Portrait. The Doyle family. Christmas.
p15132008 p15152008 p10682002-12 p12074/29/2001 p10702000's p12062000's
1600 x 1982, 929K 1600 x 1982, 795K 800 x 1163, 176K 800 x 682, 136K 800 x 942, 177K 800 x 529, 100K

Kristin, Jeremy, Lisa, John, and Saralyn. Christmas portrait. Jeremy and John at a birthday party. Jeremy, Grand Pop, and Great Grandpop. Jeremy and Kristin with Great Grandpop. Jeremy and Kristin at Christmas. Kristin and Jeremy at Christmas.
p10711999 p12037/7/1993 p11067/2/1993 p11051993-07 p11011990's p11021990's
800 x 1061, 206K 800 x 790, 131K 800 x 719, 129K 800 x 520, 87K 800 x 1146, 192K 800 x 1081, 162K

Lisa, Jeremy, and Kristin. Christmas portrait. Jeremy, John, Jackie, Fred, Lisa, Kristin, Lorraine, and Estelle. Jeremy at 4 months. Jeremy Robert Schaeffer at 6 days. Jeremy. Cute one. Jeremy. Another cute one. Christmas.
p11031990's p11331990's p11431985-11 p10416/24/1985 p11501980's p11511980's
800 x 1083, 192K 800 x 557, 135K 800 x 1165, 173K 800 x 1146, 142K 800 x 1096, 176K 800 x 1284, 218K

Jeremy. Jeremy. Reading a story.
p11561980's p11571980's
800 x 1239, 178K 800 x 1198, 146K
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