Last updated April 1, 2022
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What are Miscellaneous Topics?
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Anything that doesn't fit tidily into the broad main categories (like Persons or Photos) will show up here. At least three categories are permanent: Contest Winners, Statistics and Errata. Places has its own page.
Monthly Contest Winners
The winners of the monthly contests will be specified here.
Date Winner Prize Won
Apr, 2022 (in progress) TBD
Mar, 2022 Susan Stephens Susan's prize has been delivered
Feb, 2022 Jeannie Boyd Jeannie's prize has been delivered
Various statistics about the site. Until 100% automated, may lag behind. Section last updated Mar 1, 2022.
Category # Description
Total Persons in db/family 406 Family tree members. Excludes 'others' that may be in pics
Persons born Schaeffer 167 Direct descendants of John Schaeffer (17xx)
Married a Schaeffer 71 Person married a Schaeffer
In-laws 143 Think, 'Nelsons, excluding Lorraine Nelson'
Prior marriages 13 Typically, prior spouses and kids of prior spouses
Unmarried parent 6 Think, 'spent one night w/ a Schaeffer, then left' (then kid born)
Total Males/Females 406 Family tree members only
Identified males 197 Number of males (or those who identify as male)
Identified females 180 Number of females (or those who identify as female)
Unknown 29 Think, 'person had a kid, dunno if son or daughter'
Total Marriages/Unions 133 Unions page has only 131, on purpose
Total marriages 56 This # will grow as marriages become verified
Unmarried couples 5 Represents known-unmarried couples that had at least one child
Init status unknown 72 For many, marriages need to be verified.
Current marriages 9 Two living spouses; number will grow as marriage statuses are verified
Permanent marriages 7 At least one spouse passed while married
Divorces finalized 11 Divorces
Total Photos 1878 Self-explanatory
Person > 0 photos 172 Persons with 1 or more photos
Person < 1 photo 234 Persons with zero photos
Person > 9 photos 65 Persons with 10 or more photos
Pre-1900 7 Photos w/ year designated as 1157-1899
1900-1949 315 Photos w/ year designated as 1900-1949 or 1900+
1950-1999 1035 Photos w/ year designated as 1950-1999
2000-2009 382 Photos w/ year designated as 2000-2009 or 2000+
2010-2019 121 Photos w/ year designated as 2010-2019
2020-2099 18 Photos w/ year designated as 2020-2099
Names All About Names
Most Common Last Name 106 Schaeffer
Shortest Name 4 Tiny
Shortest (Human) Name 10 Chad Brown, Lloyd Delp, Sara Doyle, Amanda Dye, Edward Dye, Ryan Facer, Huey Jones, Hugh Jones, Steve Peer, Dave Stank
Longest Name 38 Quincy Ann-Elizabeth Stoker-Schaeffer
Errors that need to be fixed, changes needed in the next update, etc.
Issue Description
David spouse order + D's First 2 spouses reversed (+ ever divorced before current wife? [deaths?])
John R Doyle passed Father of John M Doyle
Grandma Kirby 2nd hubby Dan Kirby; maiden name or 1st hubby Neumann first name?
Name suffixes Added on Personal pages, need to add to List pages and Unions. (Calendar: maybe)
Last updated on April 1, 2022
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