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Susan Stephens Personal Page!
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My Bio, Portrait, Nuclear Family + Pics
My Nuclear FamilyMy 1 Pics
I haven't yet submitted a brief bio; I likely will do so soon.
My Portrait Important Details
Birthday: Dec 24, 1948 # Pics: 1
Birthplace: My Gen: 9
Birth Note: My site ID: h83
Current Res: Southwest U.S. My Chart: Lester 1917
Please read!
Fave Topics:
Fun Fact(s):
Misc Stuff:
Somebody needs to submit a caption!
Family Portrait My Nuclear Family
No family
portrait available!
Surely family group
shots exist somewhere!
Perhaps you'd like to help!
My Parents
Father:     (—)
Mother:     (—)
        m. (date unknown, place unknown)
Spouse 1:    Allan Schaeffer (Jan 12, 1945—)
        m. (date unknown, place unknown)
(Dad):           Lester Schaeffer (May 6, 1917—)
(Mom):           Catherine Gumber (-2007)
The Single Photo of Susan!
I have only one (1) pic available here! I promise to contribute some more pics soon; meanwhile, if you have any good pics of me, perhaps you will contribute them!
Susan Schaeffer
p25020th c.
285 x 433, 14K
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