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About Browsing Photos
There are many ways to browse photos, but none are any good unless you are able to filter out all the photos you would like to exclude (or the inverse: include only the photos in which you have specific interest.) There are also volume issues when thousands of photos are available. A navigation method for the photos has been developed that mimics navigation for the Persons pages, and it worked out a helluva lot better than initially envisioned. Further details on photo topics below.
Gawd, Shut Up and just lemme see pictures!
Navigating the Photos
The first row for navigation at the top allows you to look at all the pics in numerical order, which is the same thing as navigating the pics in the order in which they got to the site (chronological by submission date.)
You also have the ability to navigate the photos ordered by date(s) photos were taken. Of course, most dates are unknown, or guesstimated, sometimes to an extreme degree, e.g, '1850-1950.' Even looking at the pics on a Personal page can show pics taken same day/week dated very differently (because the date was known for one pic, but was guesstimated to a decade for the other one, and only later was it realized that the two pics were taken during the same very narrow time range.) Conversely, for many pics, no idea in which decade a pic was taken, but know in which century it was taken. In some cases, the birthday impossibility has been factored, but certainly not all; that means if you see a pic from the 1980's or 1990's next to one from the 1920's...then feel free to send a list of photo ID's with the correct year or correct decade!
So two things: if you wanna see pics during a particular period, e.g., early 1900's, they aren't mixed in with pics from 2001 (and vice versa.) Also, if you see anything dated egregiously wrong (or even just a little wrong), please send email. (Third thing: the nav links at the top go to individual photo (numerical) or list (chronological), an inconsistency that is there on purpose, is consistent when you use the actual pages that aren't this one.)
Photo browser: photo max 1154 width (shrunk by browser), if less than 1154 then full-size shown, clicking on pic opens up full-size pic in new tab. Description is the very short caption supplied by Johann for pics 1-1499; afterwards, the description used is one of the lines from the decorated pics.
Samples: very short description, only one available; and purposely-chosen short description (could have used the three-word description under ' Photo' or the six-word-description chosen or the longer two-sentence full caption. Not so important for photos online, but if you submit photos, please include appropriate text for all three spots and specify which you would like for the text heading above the photo.)
Photos - Listed by Date(s) Added
Not surprisingly, there have been a few dates wherein large numbers of photos were added. Shoutout to Johann who put in endless hours w/ the first 1,500 old photos: scanning, identifying those in the photos, writing up short mini-captions, and matching Schaeffer ID #'s to those in the photos. (Newer photos much easier, of course, with multiple cameras per cell phone.)
Date Photos Description
to 3-13-22 1879 - 1919 - many pics of Ed and Amanda's kids
- many pics of Lisa's kids and grandkids
- others
3-01-22 1500 - 1878 - about a dozen documents and 1800's-era photos from Jackie and Lorraine
- about a dozen awesome pics from Jackie, re Vacation 2008 + Mom 80th bday
- 62 dusty 1960-1985 prints that were scanned in 2007
- 268 pics from Roman for 2004-2020. Mostly NJ Thanksgiving pics, some CA pics
    (flash broken for 2019 NJ pics, indoor pics kinda sucked badly, sorry...)
- over a dozen pics from Lisa, including recent pics of new grandkids
5-20-07 1100 - 1499 Many people from many branches; first pic for many Schaeffers
4-08-07 750 - 1099 Finished the Chuck, Jim and Val batches; started the Fred batch
3-12-07 500 - 749 Many Nana pics, and many of Sean and family
2-18-07 252 - 499 Many of the pics include Harold
1-21-07 1 - 251 Random pics...many of the Nelsons, particularly Nana
Photos - Listed by Category
Previously, there were links here that would lead you to categorized pages, e.g. 'animals' (lotsa pets w/in the pics here.) For several (good) reasons, I have temp removed those links, and will add them back in a later update.
Last updated on March 13, 2022
For comments or questions, you can email Roman or (better?) post a message.