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My Bio, Portrait, Nuclear Family + Pics
My Nuclear FamilyMy 147 Pics
Perhaps someone who knew me will submit a brief bio for me? If you knew me, please consider helping out everybody by submitting a few words about me (and pics, if you have any.)
My Portrait Important Details
Birthday: Nov 5, 1945 # Pics: 147
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA My Gen: 9
Birth Note: My site ID: h142
Last Res: My Chart: John 1917
Please read!
Date: Jul, 2016 Plc: Durham, NC Burial:
Jim passed in Jul, 2016, at a military hospital in Durham, NC. More details will follow as they become available.
Fave Topics:
Fun Fact(s):
Misc Stuff:
Me with Kevin in 2007
Family Portrait My Nuclear Family
My Parents
Father:    John Sebastian Schaeffer (1917-2001)
Mother:    Lorraine Nelson (Sep 17, 1927—)
        m. 7-19-1952, Philadelphia, PA
Spouse 1:    Rebecca UnknLastF (—)
        m. (date unknown, place unknown)
(Dad):           (—)
(Mom):           (—)
Children:    UnknFirstU (—)
   James Timothy (Mar 1, 1967—)
   Christan (Jul 31, 1983—)
   John Charles (Dec, 1985—)
   Kevin James (1988—)
In this pic are me, Rebecca, Christan, John and Kevin
Photos 1-60 (of 147) of Jim!
I have 147 pics available here (pics 1-60 shown below.) I am unable to submit additional pics myself; if you have any not shown below, perhaps you will contribute them?
All My Pics: 1-6061-147
Jim and Kevin Visit Mom Jim at Mom's for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Becky and Jim at home. Jim, Becky, Devin, Damaris, Lorraine, and Gus.
p169011-25-2007 p87211/25/2004 p159011-25-2004 p159811-25-2004 p88310/3/2001 p117910/3/2001
1600 x 1586, 488K 800 x 1096, 166K 1600 x 1586, 669K 1600 x 1586, 539K 800 x 547, 101K 800 x 532, 116K

Jim, Becky, Lorraine, Gus, Devin, and Damaris. Jim. Smiling. Jim, Christan, Lorraine, Devin, Jim Jr., Pamela, John, Kevin, Becky, and Damaris. Fred, Jim, and Jackie. Backyard in N.C. Jim and Kevin. Jim at Niagara Falls.
p118610/3/2001 p99110/2/2001 p116710/2/2001 p8602000's p8632000's p8672000's
800 x 477, 99K 800 x 806, 142K 800 x 543, 111K 800 x 358, 71K 800 x 697, 109K 800 x 482, 70K

Jim looking thoughtful. Jim and Christan. Graduation day. Christan and Jim, camping. Jim, camp cook. Uncle Gus with Jim and Becky. Sightseeing. Mom with Jim and Becky. Sightseeing.
p8712000's p9422000's p9336/30/1995 p9356/30/1995 p97010/20/1993 p97210/20/1993
800 x 759, 121K 800 x 1161, 237K 800 x 635, 129K 800 x 771, 103K 800 x 542, 111K 800 x 687, 114K

Mom with Jim and Becky. Sightseeing. Mom with Jim and Becky. Sightseeing. Party at Mom and Dad house in NJ. The Dicken family outside the Carolina Medical Center. Dicken family portrait. The Dicken family portrait.
p97110/19/1993 p97310/19/1993 p3321990's p8591990's p10251990's p12871990's
800 x 616, 131K 800 x 740, 181K 800 x 484, 103K 800 x 806, 137K 800 x 1137, 178K 800 x 1076, 208K

The Schaeffer Clan at Johann and Jeanette's wedding. Jim with Dad and Mom. Jim and Christan. A winning smile. Jim, Becky, Christan, and John sightseeing. Dad, Jim, Becky, Christan, and John at the beach. Jim with Christan and John.
p13078/6/1988 p8551/31/1988 p9091986 p9191986 p9211986 p9741986
800 x 624, 125K 800 x 506, 91K 800 x 753, 138K 800 x 693, 133K 800 x 818, 141K 800 x 683, 157K

Jim and Kevin at the Philadelphia Zoo. Becky, Jim and Christan. Mom, Christan, and Jim. Jim giving Christan a ride. Becky, Jim and Christan. Proud parents. Jim and Christan.
p10181986 p10341984 p10351984 p10371984 p10041983 p10261983
800 x 964, 160K 800 x 731, 148K 800 x 559, 111K 800 x 654, 116K 800 x 805, 132K 800 x 1132, 175K

Jim, Becky, and Chuck with Christan and newborn John. Jim with Christan and John at home. Becky and Jim out back at home. N.C. Jim at home. Jim and John at home. Jim with a smile.
p5261980's p8901980's p8931980's p8941980's p8981980's p8991980's
800 x 632, 157K 800 x 725, 127K 800 x 671, 104K 800 x 776, 140K 800 x 637, 132K 800 x 663, 124K

Dad, Jim and Christan. Deptford, N.J. Jim. What do you think about the shirt? Becky, Jim, and Christan at Mom and Dad's. N.J. Jim with Mom. Becky and Jim. Chuck and Jim. Unknown event.
p9031980's p9171980's p9451980's p10051980's p11731980's p6021970's
800 x 635, 110K 800 x 678, 129K 800 x 778, 131K 800 x 738, 125K 800 x 594, 83K 800 x 573, 129K

Jim...Big Bad Jim! Jim and Chuck with Grandma Taulman. Mom with Chuck, Jim, and Harold. Road Trip. Jim and Chuck with Grandma Taulman. Jim and Grandpop (Marion). Jim Sr. and Jr. Nice hat.
p8511963-03 p5831961 p4931960 p5921960's p9271960's p14651960's
800 x 992, 132K 800 x 815, 174K 800 x 887, 164K 800 x 1094, 212K 800 x 603, 117K 800 x 978, 171K

Jim and Chuck. Handsome. Chuck, Jim, and Harold with Dad. Fun in the snow. Chuck, Jim, Harold, and Fred with Mom. Chuck, Jim, Harold and Mom. Chuck and Jim, dressed to impress. Chuck and Jimmy Dicken
p5421959 p3651958 p3661958 p4841958 p5401958 p151957-06
800 x 1004, 166K 800 x 743, 136K 800 x 793, 162K 800 x 982, 139K 800 x 911, 129K 354 x 354, 15K
All My Pics: 1-6061-147
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