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My Bio, Portrait, Nuclear Family + Pics
My Nuclear FamilyMy 56 Pics
I haven't yet submitted a brief bio; I likely will do so soon.
My Portrait Important Details
Birthday: Aug 12, 1937 # Pics: 56
Birthplace: My Gen: 9
Birth Note: My site ID: h101
Current Res: My Chart: Val 1937
Please read!
Fave Topics:
Fun Fact(s):
Misc Stuff:
This is me in Sep of 2019
Family Portrait My Nuclear Family
My Parents
Father:    John Sebastian Schaeffer (1917-2001)
Mother:    Bertha Agnes Neumann (1921-2001)
        m. (date unknown, place unknown); d. 1951-52
Spouse 1:    Joseph Francis Toolen (-1998)
        m. (date unknown, place unknown)
(Dad):           (—)
(Mom):           (—)
Children:    Joseph Francis, Jr (Aug 7, 1958—)
   Janet Dorothy (Sep 18, 1961—)
   James Robert (Oct 2, 1962—)
   Maureen Jacqueline (Mar 9, 1967—)
   Kathleen Elizabeth (Jun 2, 1970—)
Fred, Erich, Tommy, Bert and me.
All 56 Photos of Val!
I have 56 pics available here (shown below.) Recent pics should always be available for others to see; as I search for some, perhaps if you have any recent pics of me not shown, you will contribute them!
Visiting Val's Place in Shamokin Visiting Val's Place in Shamokin Bert and Valkry. Bert with Fred, Erich, Val, and Tom. Fred, Tom, Erich, and Val. Fred, Tom, Erich, and Val.
p18099-25-2019 p18109-25-2019 p8379/22/2001 p4752001 p4762001 p4782001
1600 x 2510, 823K 1600 x 1586, 541K 800 x 648, 129K 800 x 618, 150K 800 x 626, 136K 800 x 683, 171K

Bert with Fred, Erich, Val, and Tom. Looking at us this time. Gus, Val, Fred, Erich, and Jimmy at Mom's Val, Gus, and Fred. Deptford, N.J. Val, Fred, and Erich. John Schaeffer with Fred, Erich, Val, Jimmy, and Jimmy Jr. John, Lorraine, Gus and Val. Unknown event.
p4802001 p8022000's p11127/9/1999 p4181999 p8431999 p8041990's
800 x 633, 160K 800 x 581, 95K 800 x 620, 111K 800 x 484, 79K 800 x 520, 110K 800 x 700, 115K

Val and Fred. Gus, Lorraine, Anthony, and Val. The Schaeffer Clan at Johann and Jeanette's wedding. Christmas at the Toolen house. Dot Kirby, Bert, Val, Joe, and Colleen. 5 generations. Val and Fred.
p8471990's p12421990's p13078/6/1988 p8411980's p12401980's p4211977
800 x 729, 141K 800 x 632, 134K 800 x 624, 125K 800 x 604, 78K 800 x 652, 118K 800 x 826, 149K

Val and Janet. Joe, Val, Janet, Maureen, Kathleen with Dad. Valkry's graduation photo. Christmas at the Toolen house. Lorraine, Harold, Val, and Joe. Allegheny Ave. Harold with Val and Joe Toolen and Pudgie.
p8031970's p8101970's p8281970's p8341970's p14601961-05 p3601960's
800 x 750, 152K 800 x 530, 121K 800 x 1067, 144K 800 x 766, 122K 800 x 938, 184K 800 x 1023, 170K

Fred, Erich, Val, and Tommy. Val at home. Valkry. Bert, Val, and Janet with Dot Kirby at the shore. Joe and Val. Val and Joseph Jr.
p4711960's p8111960's p8301960's p12271960's p12441960's p8001959
800 x 800, 123K 800 x 1105, 201K 800 x 1017, 107K 800 x 1132, 187K 800 x 944, 141K 800 x 895, 124K

Harold with Joe and Val. Fritz, Valkry, Erich Val in front yard. Lorraine and Valkry at the beach. Bert with Val, Erich, and Fred. Erich, Val, Jim, Chuck, and Fred in the schoolyard. Love this shot.
p4391957 p1548/26/1951 p7948/26/1951 p8148/26/1951 p4611950's p4861950's
800 x 830, 156K 353 x 332, 24K 800 x 807, 184K 800 x 986, 150K 800 x 1668, 254K 800 x 861, 160K

Dad and Val in the schoolyard. Valkry. Valkry. Val. Portrait. Val. Striking a pose. Val and Lorraine. Schoolyard.
p7961950's p8291950's p8461950's p11891950's p11921950's p14831950's
800 x 907, 137K 800 x 1072, 215K 800 x 1109, 216K 800 x 1125, 122K 800 x 1111, 159K 800 x 906, 175K

Fred and Val. Val, Erich, and Fred with Dad. Val and Fred. Sunday best. Val. Hair blowing in the breeze. Fred and Val. Is that Harry Potter? Val, Erich, and Fred.
p4541940's p4581940's p11631940's p12301940's p12311940's p12321940's
800 x 1398, 319K 800 x 1126, 207K 800 x 1263, 225K 800 x 1184, 218K 800 x 1104, 275K 800 x 1169, 196K

Val. Fred and Val. Playing dress up. Val. Showing some cheek. Fred and Val. Val. Valkry Schaeffer
p12331940's p12341940's p12351940's p12361940's p12431940's p24420th c.
800 x 1162, 234K 800 x 1162, 190K 800 x 976, 108K 800 x 1015, 189K 800 x 1198, 233K 800 x 787, 151K

Twelve Family Members Gathered at the Table Twelve Family Members Gathered at the Table
p15191900's p15201900's
1600 x 1992, 684K 1600 x 1498, 434K
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