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Photo List (Chronological): 1600-1989
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Photos (Dated) 1600-1959 Photos (Dated) 1960-1989
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Date Photos Dated (1600-1899)
1600 Creation of the Coat of Arms
1600 Creation of the Coat of Arms
1850 Photos of Lewis W Schaeffer
1850 Group Shot of Seven Schaeffers
1850 About Three Dozen Schaeffers
1850 Two Photos of Rebecca
1873 Kate Yoder Baby Pic
Date Photos Dated (1900-1939)
1900 Alex Katchuk
1900 Alex Katchuk
1900 Alex Katchuk
1900 Bobby Smith
1900 Buddy and Agnes
1900 Buddy Nelson, Jr.
1900 Buddy Nelson
1900 Burlie Nelson and Estelle Blaise
1900 Chuck and Jimmy Dicken
1900 Chuck Dicken
1900 Chuck the Sailor
1900 Chuck
1900 Danny Schaeffer
1900 Dapper Chuck
1900 David Katchuk
1900 Chuck and Jim
1900 Edie Nelson
1900 Edith Nelson
1900 Erich, Harold and David Schaeffer
1900 Estelle Blaise
1900 Lisa Schaeffer
1900 Lisa Schaeffer
1900 Mom doesn't know who this is
1900 Mom doesn't know who this is
1900 Joyce Nelson
1900 Rickey Nelson
1900 Michael Katchuk
1900 Christine (Lorraine Nelson's cousin)
1900 Mark Perry
1900 Matthew Perry
1900 Cathy Nelson
1900 Harry Blaise
1900 Lorraine Katchuk
1900 David Katchuk
1900 David Katchuk
1900 Cathy Nelson
1900 Rickey Nelson
1900 Lorraine Nelson's father's grandchild
1900 Judy Nelson
1900 David Katchuk
1900 Lorraine Katchuk
1900 Judy Nelson
1900 Cathy Nelson
1900 Pauline (friend of the family)
1900 Matthew Perry
1900 Lucy the Elephant (Margate, NJ)
1900 Alex Katchuk and Michael Katchuk
1900 Rickey Nelson
1900 Bobby Smith
1900 Matthew Perry
1900 Edie Nelson
1900 Mom doesn't know who this is
1900 Rickey Nelson
1900 Melissa Walker
1900 Mom doesn't know who this is
1900 April (Cathy Nelson's daughter)
1900 Chuck Walker
1900 Lisa Schaeffer
1900 Uncle Perlie's granddaughter
1900 Lisa Schaeffer
1900 Sherene?
1900 Mabel and William Bullock
1900 Erich Schaeffer, Sr (Margate, NJ)
1900 Aunt Mae's family
1900 Lisa Schaeffer
1900 Rickey Nelson
1900 Linda Smith
1900 Judy Nelson
1900 Estelle Blaise
1900 Cathy Nelson
1900 Joyce and Ray
1900 Sonny Katchuk, Michael Katchuk and David Katchuk
1900 Jesse Williams
1900 Estelle Williams
1900 Alex Katchuk
1900 Michael Katchuk
1900 Jim and Chuck
1900 Jim and Chuck
1900 Aunt May, Jim and Chuck
1900 Estelle Williams and Bob
1900 Estelle, Leitha and Lorraine
1900 Bob's wife, Leitha, Bob, Lorraine
1900 Jim Dicken
1900 Buddy Nelson, John Schaeffer, Jim and Chuck Dicken
1900 Buddy and Agnes
1900 Jim and Chuck
1900 Jim and Chuck
1900 John and Lorraine Schaeffer
1900 John and Lorraine Schaeffer
1900 John and Lorraine Schaeffer
1900 John and Lorraine Schaeffer with Gus Neumann (in MA)
1900 Buddy and Agnes
1900 File0344.jpg
1900 File0345.jpg
1900 File0346.jpg
1900 File0347.jpg
1900 File0348.jpg
1900 File0349.jpg
1900 File0350.jpg
1900 File0351.jpg
1900 File0352.jpg
1900 File0353.jpg
1900 File0354.jpg
1900 File0355.jpg
1900 File0356.jpg
1900 File0357.jpg
1900 File0358.jpg
1900 File0359.jpg
1900 File0360.jpg
1900 File0362.jpg
1900 File0363.jpg
1900 File0364.jpg
1900 File0365.jpg
1900 File0366.jpg
1900 File0367.jpg
1900 File0368.jpg
1900 File0369.jpg
1900 File0370.jpg
1900 File0371.jpg
1900 File0372.jpg
1900 File0373.jpg
1900 File0376.jpg
1900 File0377.jpg
1900 File0378.jpg
1900 File0379.jpg
1900 File0380.jpg
1900 File0381.jpg
1900 File0382.jpg
1900 File0383.jpg
1900 File0384.jpg
1900 Sean
1900 Fred Schaeffer
1900 Erich Schaeffer
1900 GI Jim
1900 James and Charles Dicken
1900 Jim, Chuck and Joyce
1900 Jim
1900 Jimmy Dicken
1900 Joyce Nelson
1900 Judy Nelson
1900 Judy
1900 Cathy Nelson
1900 Lorraine Grumm
1900 Lorraine Katchuck
1900 Lorraine Katchuk
1900 Lorraine Schaeffer
1900 Lorraine Grumm
1900 Lorraine Katchuk
1900 Leitha, Buddy and Lorraine
1900 Maureen
1900 Michael Katchuk
1900 Mr. and Mrs. David Rinehart
1900 Rickey Nelson
1900 Sean Mcerlean
1900 Siblings
1900 Sonny
1900 Stephen Katchuk
1900 The Family
1900 The Nelsons
1900 Tom Grumm
1900 Tom Grumm
1900 Willie E. Ayers
1900 Chuck Dicken and John Schaeffer
1900 Chuck Dicken and Harold Schaeffer
1900 Chuck...sleeping in!
1900 John Schaeffer, Harold Schaeffer and Cathy Nelson
1900 Edye Nelson
1900 Fred's kids and Erich's kids
1900 Harold and the girls next door, in the back yard at Allegheny Ave.
1900 Harold at Christmas
1900 Harold Schaeffer and Cathy Nelson
1900 Harold Schaeffer, but who are the others?
1900 Jackie Schaeffer at (what beach?)
1900 Jim Dicken and Chuck Dicken
1900 Jim Dicken and Cathy Nelson
1900 Johann Schaeffer
1900 John Schaeffer
1900 Joyce Nelson
1900 Lisa Schaeffer
1900 Danny, Marion (granddad) and Lisa
1900 Lorraine Schaeffer, Sean McErlean and Roman
1900 Estelle, Buddy, Dot and Cathy (top to bottom)
1900 Sean, Roman and Hans
1900 Sue Knox and Harold Schaeffer
1900 Valkry Schaeffer
1900 Dad with sister Edith
1900 Aunt Mae
1900 Susan Schaeffer
1900 Twelve Family Members Gathered at the Table
1900 Twelve Family Members Gathered at the Table
1900 Kelvin Lawrence Williams, Sr
1900 Kelvin Lawrence Williams, Sr
1900 Kelvin Lawrence Williams, Sr
1900 Kelvin Lawrence Williams, Sr
1900 Kelvin Lawrence Williams, Sr
1900 Kelvin Lawrence Williams, Sr
1908 Lucy Estelle Williams and Addie K Williams Birth Recs
1910 Stella Schaeffer When She was About Twenty Years Old
1918 Lewis Schaeffer at Six Months Old
1920 Lucy Philips with Addie and Lossie.
1920 Buddy, Edward, Hugh, and Lorraine.
1925 Burlie Jr, Leitha May, and Lorraine Birth Recs
1930 Lorraine, Joseph, Delmas and Leitha Mae.
1930 Estelle Nelson, aka Nana.
1930 Estelle and Leitha Mae.
1930 Mae. Portrait.
1930 Mae. Portrait.
1930 Buddy. Young boy.
1930 Mae feeding the chickens.
1930 Lorraine. Portrait.
1935 Gertie with her dog.
1937 Lorraine. School photo.
1939 John and friend looking at a new car.
Date Photos Dated (1940-1949)
1940 Erich. Makes you want to pinch his cheek.
1940 Fred, holding a cat?
1940 Fred, still with cat.
1940 Fred and Val.
1940 Erich. Chillin.
1940 Erich, playing in the snow.
1940 Erich and Fred. Brotherly love.
1940 Val, Erich, and Fred with Dad.
1940 Mom with Chuck and Jim.
1940 Mom with Jim and Chuck out for a stroll.
1940 Chuck at the lake.
1940 Chuck, too cute already.
1940 Mom with Chuck, Jim, and Fred at the fountain.
1940 Jim and Chuck at the lake.
1940 Jim, Chuck, and Tommy at the lake.
1940 Jim, Chuck, and Tommy at the lake.
1940 Jim with the Rabbit.
1940 Mom with Chuck and Jim in the park.
1940 Jim and Chuck.
1940 Jim, Joyce, and Lorraine. At the lake.
1940 Jim, Chuck, Joyce, Lorraine, and Agnes. At the lake.
1940 Chuck, Joyce, and Jim. All dressed up.
1940 Ruby and Mabel Stalls. Aunt Lossie's daughters.
1940 Estelle and Leitha Mae
1940 Estelle and Leitha Mae
1940 Nana with Agnes, Lorraine, and Leitha Mae.
1940 Mom with Jim, Chuck, and Joyce at the lake.
1940 Mom with Jim and Chuck.
1940 Dad with Jim and Chuck.
1940 Jim, Joyce and Chuck, looking good.
1940 Jim and Chuck. Brothers hanging out.
1940 Jim, Chuck and Joyce.
1940 Fred out in the snow.
1940 Fred dressed for Easter.
1940 Jim, John, Chuck, and Fred at the fountain.
1940 Val and Fred. Sunday best.
1940 Fred. Portrait.
1940 Jim. Baby photo.
1940 Jim. Baby photo.
1940 Jim, Fred, and Chuck at the fountain.
1940 Val. Hair blowing in the breeze.
1940 Fred and Val. Is that Harry Potter?
1940 Val, Erich, and Fred.
1940 Val.
1940 Fred and Val. Playing dress up.
1940 Val. Showing some cheek.
1940 Fred and Val.
1940 Val.
1940 Bert.
1940 John and Bert.
1940 Mae. Nice smile.
1940 Mae. Portrait.
1940 Mae. Portrait.
1940 Mae. Portrait.
1940 Mae. Portrait.
1940 Joyce. Nice car.
1940 Buddy and his army pals.
1940 Buddy with a small mustache.
1940 Buddy. Looking serious.
1940 Buddy. Less serious.
1940 Buddy. Lady killer.
1940 Estelle, Buddy, and Agnes.
1940 Shorty, Estelle, and Buddy.
1940 Lorraine, Buddy, and Pauline.
1940 Buddy and friend.
1940 Buddy in front of the barracks.
1940 Buddy, Agnes, Lorraine, and Jim.
1940 Buddy and Jim.
1940 Agnes, Jim, Lorraine, and Mae.
1940 Estelle, Mae, Jim, Lorraine, and Agnes.
1940 Lorraine. Posing.
1940 Lorraine. Posing.
1940 Agnes and Buddy.
1943 Lorraine. Portrait. 16 years old.
19431202 Buddy. Looking dapper.
1944 Life Summary of Lewis W. Schaeffer
19441019 Leitha Mae, Lorraine, Estelle, and Burlie.
1945 Harry
1945 Buddy and Jim.
1945 Lorraine and Jim.
19450322 Lorraine on the stoop.
19450629 Burlie Nelson
19451012 Estelle Blaise
19451023 Leitha Mae, Estelle, and Lorraine.
1946 Jim's Uncle Dick, Jim, and Lorraine.
1946 Lorraine, Mae, and Agnes.
1946 Lorraine.
1946 Lorraine and Jim.
19460205 Lorraine Portrait.
19460223 Lorraine and Jim.
19460303 Lorraine.
19460610 Lorraine's baby in 1946
1947 Estelle, Lorraine, Jim and Chuck in Fairmount Park
1947 Mom and Nana at the park with Jim and Chuck. Labor day.
1947 Mom and Jim. Labor Day at the park, picking a winner.
1947 Hazel and Ronnie.
1947-07 Jim in Fairmount park.
1947-09 Jim with Jim and Chuck in Fairmount park.
1947-09 Nana and Jim in Fairmount park.
1947-09 Jim Sr., Jim Jr., Chuck and Lorraine Dicken.
19470901 Labor Day, 1947
19471104 Estelle Blaise
Date Photos Dated (1950-1959)
1950 Harold Schaeffer - Thoughtful
1950 Harold Schaeffer - Amazed. Stain on photo, not on baby.
1950 Harold Schaeffer - Happy
1950 Harold Schaeffer - Soul Searching
1950 Harold Schaeffer - Skeptical
1950 Harold Schaeffer - Gorgeous
1950 Harold and Lorraine Schaeffer
1950 Harold and Lorraine Schaeffer
1950 Harold and Chuck at the park.
1950 Harold - Christmas morning.
1950 Harold down on the farm.
1950 Harold down on the farm.
1950 Harold with Uncle Jim Henry Nelson son Danny.
1950 Harold with puppy on Jim Henry farm.
1950 Harold and Danny with puppies on Jim Henry farm.
1950 Harold and Danny with puppies on Jim Henry farm.
1950 Harold and Danny, play time on the farm.
1950 Harold and Danny, way cool dudes.
1950 Harold and Nana at a birthday party.
1950 Harold with Uncle Jim Henry and Danny.
1950 Harold at petting zoo.
1950 Harold with Nana Ruth Schaeffer.
1950 Harold cooling off in the hydrant with friends.
1950 Harold - What a smile.
1950 Harold with Mom.
1950 Harold - The man, the legend.
1950 Harold and Mom - Nap time.
1950 Harold - He a cutie.
1950 Harold - Petting Zoo.
1950 Harold - Petting Zoo.
1950 Harold - Under the fire hydrant.
1950 Harold - Cooling down. Anybody remember playing in the hydrant?
1950 Harold - at the zoo.
1950 Harold looking sharp
1950 Harold, what a smile.
1950 Harold, looking happy.
1950 Harold.
1950 Harold. Oldie but Goodie.
1950 Harold. Sleeping angel.
1950 Harold. Now that a happy baby.
1950 Mom and Harold. Great photo.
1950 Dad with Harold and Sonny.
1950 Harold. School photo.
1950 Harold. Another good shot.
1950 Erich. Sharp dressed man.
1950 Tom and Bert.
1950 Bert with Val, Erich, and Fred.
1950 Erich. Graduation. Handsome young man.
1950 Chuck, busting out a tune.
1950 Chuck. Handsome young man.
1950 Erich, Val, Jim, Chuck, and Fred in the schoolyard. Love this shot.
1950 Chuck, with what I think are fish.
1950 Dad with Chuck and Jim.
1950 Chuck.
1950 Chuck and Jim at the (art museum?)
1950 Chuck and Harold. Poor Quality, Great Photo.
1950 Jim and Chuck, the innocent years.
1950 Chuck and Jim at the fountain.
1950 Chuck, complaining he's tired and hungry.
1950 Dad with Jim and Chuck. Unknown young girl.
1950 Dad with Jim and Chuck. Looking sharp.
1950 Chuck and Jim, pitching pennies?
1950 Chuck, Jim, and Tommy at the lake.
1950 Mom and Chuck at the lake.
1950 Chuck with Grandma and Grandpa Taulman.
1950 Jim and Dad, fun in the snow.
1950 Chuck and Jim with Grandmom Taulman.
1950 Dad with Erich, Jim, and Chuck.
1950 Dad with Fred, Jim, and Chuck at the park.
1950 Jim, Joyce, and Chuck.
1950 James and Chuck Dicken.
1950 Chuck and Jim with Grand Dad Taulman. Going fishing.
1950 Mom and Harold with Uncle Jim Henry, Aunt Gladys, and Danny Nelson.
1950 Thurman and Virginia Williams.
1950 Thurman and Virginia with Edith.
1950 Burlie and Lorraine with the bowling team.
1950 Dad and Val in the schoolyard.
1950 Valkry.
1950 Valkry.
1950 Jim with grandparents (Taulmans).
1950 Jim and Chuck with Grandpop Taulman.
1950 Chuck and Jim with Grandmom Taulman.
1950 Jim bailing Chuck out. Just kidding.
1950 Jim, posing.
1950 Jim and Chuck in the park.
1950 Jim and Chuck.
1950 Jim. Portrait.
1950 Fred at the fountain.
1950 Fred and Tommy.
1950 Fred with the catch of the day.
1950 Fred, Tommy, Harold, and John with Pudgie at the lake.
1950 Fred. Again with the bow tie.
1950 Jim and Chuck with Santa.
1950 Erich and Jim. Catch of the day.
1950 Jim and Chuck at a tobacco farm.
1950 Joyce, Edith, Jim, and Chuck.
1950 Val. Portrait.
1950 Daryl, Ann, and Ricky Williams.
1950 Val. Striking a pose.
1950 Janie Nelson. Jim Henry's daughter.
1950 Estelle, Lossie, Seth, Thurman, Jessie, Rosa, and Mamie.
1950 Fred with his class.
1950 Al and Mae. Happy couple.
1950 Mae and Estelle.
1950 Sonny.
1950 Alex and Mae. In the park.
1950 Joyce and the Easter rabbit.
1950 Edie and Joyce. Nice shot.
1950 Cathy with neighbor.
1950 John and Fred. Fishing.
1950 Ruth and Lorraine with stuffed animal.
1950 Val and Lorraine. Schoolyard.
1951 Tom Schaeffer and Jim and Chuck Dicken in 1951 or 1952
1951 Mom with Chuck, Jim, and Tommy. Summer in Wildwood.
1951 Chuck and Charlie.
19510826 Fritz, Valkry, Erich
19510826 Jim and Chuck
19510826 John and Lorraine
19510826 Val in front yard.
19510826 Lorraine and Valkry at the beach.
19510826 Fred.
1952 Chuck. Taking it all in.
1952 Chuck and his kindergarten class at Peirce.
1952 Jim and Chuck with Dad and Mom.
1952 Lorraine at Logan circle. Phila. PA.
1952-09 Mae and Al Katchuk wedding
1952-09 Leitha Mae and Al Katchuk wedding
19520903 Leitha Mae and Al Katchuk wedding
19520903 Leitha Mae and Al Katchuk wedding
19520903 Leitha Mae and Al Katchuk wedding
19520903 Leitha and Alex Katchuk
19520903 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Katchuk
19520903 Al and Mae. Wedding Day.
19520903 Al and Mae. Great Photo.
19520903 Estelle and Addie. Mae's wedding day.
19520903 Estelle, Lorraine, Jim, Chuck, Buddie, Agnes, and Joyce getting ready for the wedding.
19520903 Mae and Al with some of the wedding party outside church.
19520903 Mae and Al with some of the wedding party outside church.
19520903 Mae on the big day.
19520903 Al and Mae. Portrait from thank you cards.
19520903 Mae and Al. Leaving the church.
19520903 Mae and Al. Wedding day.
19520903 Mae and Al with some of the wedding party outside church.
19520903 Nana, dressed for Mae wedding.
19520903 The Katchuk wedding party.
19520903 Lorraine and Buddy in Mae wedding party.
19520903 Joyce. Flower girl for Mae and Al.
1953 Mom with Jim and Chuck. Ambushed.
19530308 Buddy Nelson and John Schaeffer
1955 John and Lorraine with newborn son Harold.
1955 Harold
1955-02 Estelle, Joyce, Lorraine, and Buddy.
1955-05 Harold at 2 months old
1955-05 Harold Schaeffer
19550514 May 14, 1955
1955-08 John and Lorraine.
1956 Harold with Mom.
1956 Chuck and Harold on the stoop.
1956-03 Alex Katchuk and Harold Schaeffer
1956-03 Lorraine Schaeffer and Harold Schaeffer
1956-03 Mom, Harold and Jim.
1956-03 Mae and Sonny.
1956-04 File0374.jpg
1956-04 File0375.jpg
1957 Harold and Fred.
1957 Harold and Fred.
1957 Harold, hitching a ride.
1957 Harold, waving at the dames.
1957 Harold, hanging on the stoop.
1957 Harold on Christmas morning 1957.
1957 Harold on Christmas morning 1957.
1957 Harold looking innocent.
1957 Harold pointing out his favorite toy.
1957 Jim, Chuck, Harold, and Fred with Nana Ruth Schaeffer.
1957 Harold and Grandmom Kate.
1957 Harold with Joe and Val.
1957 Fred, Chuck, Harold, Jim, and Erich around the Christmas tree.
1957 Edith, Donny, Tommy, and Lorraine. Wildwood, NJ.
1957 Katie in 1918 and 1957
1957-02 Schaeffer boys
1957-03 Jim and Chuck
1957-03 Harold and Jim on the couch reading.
1957-04 Jim and Harold. Easter attire.
1957-06 Chuck and Jimmy Dicken
1957-09 File0361.jpg
1957-09 Fred. Looking good.
19570912 Cathy. Nice shot.
1958 Harold and Dad.
1958 Chuck, Jim, and Harold with Dad. Fun in the snow.
1958 Chuck, Jim, Harold, and Fred with Mom.
1958 Harold and Dad, playing in the snow.
1958 Harold and Mom, playing in the snow.
1958 Harold and Mom, playing in the snow. Better shot.
1958 Harold in the snow cave.
1958 Harold with Dad.
1958 Harold, back in the cave.
1958 Chuck, Jim, Harold and Mom.
1958 Chuck and Jim, dressed to impress.
1958 Cathy Nelson.
19580102 Brief Highlights of 84 Year Old Kate Yoder's Life
1958-02 Cathy Nelson on the Couch
1958-04 John Schaeffer and Harold Schaeffer
1958-06 Buddy and Cathy. Nice car.
1958-06 Estelle and Cathy.
1958-06 Buddy, Cathy, and Dot in the field.
1958-06 Cathy on her scooter.
1958-06 Cathy and Estelle.
1958-06 Buddy and Cathy.
1959 Harold and the chicken.
1959 Harold and the chicken.
1959 Harold with Santa.
1959 Harold at petting zoo.
1959 Harold with the parakeet.
1959 Harold with Uncle Buddy, Aunt Dot, Judy, Cathy, Joyce and Edith Nelson.
1959 Harold with Joyce, Edith, Cathy, and Judy Nelson.
1959 Harold with Santa.
1959 Chuck and Harold on the seesaw with Dad.
1959 Chuck. Handsome.
1959 Mom and Chuck on the seesaw.
1959 Mom and Chuck on the seesaw, part 2.
1959 Jim and Chuck. Handsome.
1959 Mom with Joey Toolen.
1959 Seth Williams family at the reunion.
1959 Mammie Knox (Williams) family at the reunion.
1959 Lossie Stalls (Williams) family at the reunion.
1959 Val and Joseph Jr.
1959 Joseph Francis Toolen Jr.
1959-01 Fred with a beard.
1959-06 Erich Schaeffer
1959-07 Aunt Lossie's family
1959-07 Cathy Nelson
1959-07 Mamie Knox family - who else besides Mamie?
1959-07 Mamie Knox family - who else besides Mamie?
1959-07 Seth Williams family
1959-10 Edie. Pretty dress.
Date Photos Dated (1960-1969)
1960 Harold Schaeffer at Petting Zoo.
1960 Harold Schaeffer at Petting Zoo.
1960 Harold Schaeffer - Halloween on Allegeny Ave.
1960 Harold Schaeffer at Petting Zoo.
1960 Harold and Marion Schaeffer Allegheny Ave.
1960 Harold Schaeffer
1960 Harold Schaeffer
1960 Harold Schaeffer Wow
1960 Harold and Pudgie(?) Schaeffer
1960 Lorraine, Harold, and Erich Schaeffer
1960 Chuck, Harold, and Lorraine.
1960 Harold with dad at Crystal Cave playground.
1960 Harold. Unknown jungle gym.
1960 Harold at the park.
1960 Harold and unknown dogs.
1960 Harold, party at Aunt Betty house. Betty is not pictured or a real Aunt.
1960 Harold with Mom and cousins Velma and Sue Robersonville, NC.
1960 Harold with Dad and cousin Sue. NC.
1960 Harold, captivating the ladies.
1960 Johann and Janet Stadler (Jackie sister, seated)
1960 Fred, Harold, and Tommy Schaeffer with Mom.
1960 Harold with Val and Joe Toolen and Pudgie.
1960 Harold with Linda and Carol from next door.
1960 Harold - School photo.
1960 Harold.
1960 Harold.
1960 Harold and the jawbone.
1960 Harold - I am now in sing-sing.
1960 Harold, school picture.
1960 Harold and Johann at the park.
1960 Harold with Santa.
1960 Fred, Erich, Val, and Tommy.
1960 Mom with Chuck, Jim, and Harold. Road Trip.
1960 Chuck holding Roman. Backyard in Philly.
1960 Chuck in school photo(?).
1960 Chuck. Sunning.
1960 Roman gets a ride with Erich and Carol on the couch.
1960 Janet and Jim.
1960 Cathy Nelson.
1960 Jim and Chuck with Grandma Taulman.
1960 Chuck. Merchant Marine. She love him long time.
1960 Roman at the park.
1960 The Williams clan. Jessie, Estelle, Lossie, Lydia, and Mamie.
1960 Mom and Nana in Hershey, Pennsylvania.
1960 George Zettlemayer and his cousins.
1960 Lossie and John Stalls
1960 Lossie and John Stalls
1960 Lossie, John, and Bobbie Stalls.
1960 Sean, out back on Allegheny Ave.
1960 Sean. What a smile.
1960 Sean and Bridie.
1960 Sean and Roman with Bridie. Allegheny Ave.
1960 Sean and Bridie. Notice the piggy bank collection.
1960 Sean, out back on Allegheny Ave.
1960 Sean and Bridie.
1960 Mom out back with Roman, Sean. Allegheny Ave.
1960 Sean and Roman with Bridie. Allegheny Ave.
1960 Sean, always with the smile this one.
1960 Roman and Sean. Allegheny Ave.
1960 Joe, Janet, and Jimmy. Christmas card.
1960 Joe, Janet, and Jimmy. Christmas card.
1960 Joe, Janet, Jim, and Maureen. Christmas Card.
1960 Joe Toolen.
1960 Joe and the family cat.
1960 Joe, Janet, and Jimmy. Christmas card.
1960 Val at home.
1960 Valkry.
1960 Jim and Grandpop (Marion).
1960 Fred, Jackie, Danny, and Jackie.
1960 Danny with Santa.
1960 Fred and Dad.
1960 Fred in Uniform.
1960 Fred in Uniform.
1960 Fred and Harold.
1960 Fred and John. Standing tall, looking good.
1960 Fred in dress uniform.
1960 Fred at graduation.
1960 Danny, Jackie, and Fred out golfing.
1960 Jackie, Danny, and Fred.
1960 Danny, Jackie, Fred, and Lisa. Allegheny Ave.
1960 Fred, receiving plaque at graduation.
1960 Fred, Receiving award at graduation.
1960 Fred. Shooting pool.
1960 Fred. Water skiing.
1960 Fred. Check out the bow tie.
1960 Fred. Catch of the day.
1960 Lisa. Nice smile.
1960 Lisa. Big smile.
1960 Lisa with Santa.
1960 Nana at union protest.
1960 Mamie and Magdelin Knox.
1960 Uncle Jim Henry and Aunt Gladys.
1960 Ruby and Eugene. Lossie's daughter and grandson.
1960 Bert, Val, and Janet with Dot Kirby at the shore.
1960 Joe and Val.
1960 Estelle and Friends. Labor protest.
1960 David, Al, Sonny, Michael, Mae, Lorraine, and Estelle. Glen Bernie, MD.
1960 Buddy, Ricky, David, Mae, and Al.
1960 Sonny, Al, Lorraine, Michael, John, and Lorraine. Glen Bernie, MD.
1960 Jackie and Fred. Relaxing at a cookout.
1960 Fred in uniform.
1960 Jackie. Petting zoo with Harold.
1960 Mae, Lorraine, Estelle, Alex, Sonny, David, and Michael.
1960 Sonny, Lorraine, Mae, Michael, Alex, and David. Christmas.
1960 Sonny, Michael, David, and Lorraine.
1960 Judy, Buddy, Rickey, Dot, and Cathy. NC.
1960 Cathy and Judy. How cute.
1960 Rickey, Buddy, Cathy, Dot, and Judy. Christmas portrait.
1960 Estelle, Rickey, Buddy, Cathy, Dot, and Judy.
1960 Jim Sr. and Jr. Nice hat.
1960 John with one of his cars.
1960 Kate and Marion.
1960 Kate and Marion.
1960-05 Becky, Kate, Lorraine, Harold, John, and Chuck.
1960-08 Taken in 1960
1960-08 August, 1960. Crystal Cave in Kutztown, PA.
1960-08 Mom and Dad with Chuck and Harold.
1960-08 Nana's birthday party.
1960-08 John and Lorraine. Johann remembers the lamp.
1960-80 Nana, Mom, and friend Emily. Nana's birthday.
1960-80 Estelle and Addie
1961 Harold and Grandmom Kate.
1961 Jim and Chuck with Grandma Taulman.
1961-04 Buddy, Dot, and Estelle.
1961-05 Gertie and George.
1961-05 Lorraine, Harold, Val, and Joe. Allegheny Ave.
1961-05 Kate.
1962 Alex Katchuk in 1962
1962-03 Jim...Big Bad Jim!
1963 Johann Schaeffer
1963 Johann bathing with Howdie?
1963 Harold, Johann, and John in Easter Duds. Check out the Mohawk.
1963 John, Johann, and Lorraine Schaeffer, Easter on Allegheny Ave.
1963 Harold, looking innocent.
1963 Cathy, Judy, and Rickey.
1963 Johann and Lorraine. Cutest baby ever.
1963-05 Fred, Ron, Donald at Hawk branch.
1963-05 Fred in his cube.
19640531 Joe, Janet, and Jim with Ruth Schaeffer.
1964-08 George with Earl, and Charles Zettlemayer, and kids.
19651030 Fred and Jackie with Erich and Jackie's sister at the alter.
19651030 Fred and Jackie. Wedding day.
19651030 Jackie and Fred. Garter time.
19651030 Fred and Jackie. Cake for two.
19651030 Charles, Jackie, Fred, Janet, and Erich.
19651030 Jackie and Fred. Wedding portrait.
1966 Johann, music lover
1966 Dad with Roman and Hans. Christmas time.
1966 Apple Bottom Jeans
1966 Untitled Art 1/3
1966 Untitled Art 2/3
1966 Untitled Art 3/3
19660220 Roman Without the Elephant
19660220 Roman With the Elephant
19661231 Roman in the Hole
19661231 Roman and Johann with Mom
19661231 Roman and Johann with Mom
19661231 Roman and Johann and the Wheelbarrow
19661231 Hanging Out With the Elephants
19661231 Hanging Out Near the Elephants
19661231 Roman Without His Hood
19661231 Hanging Out at the Fence
19661231 Hanging Out at the Fence
19661231 Hanging Out at the Fence
19661231 Bicycling Near the Fence
19661231 Hanging Out at the Fence
19661231 Bicycling Near the Fence
19661231 Posing on the Walkway
1967 Roman
1967 Lorraine, Harold, and Johann Schaeffer
1967 Johann, John, Harold, and Lorraine Schaeffer. Looks like Easter
1967 Sonny. 9th grade school photo.
1967 Michael. 7th grade school photo.
1967 David. 4th grade school photo.
1967 Mark. 3 months.
1967 Joyce. Prom night.
1968 John Schaeffer, Johann Schaeffer, and Roman
1968 John Schaeffer, Roman and Johann Schaeffer
1968 Harold and Johann
1968 Group Shot.
1968 Hans, Roman, Harold, and Danny. Allegheny Ave.
1968-04 Janet, Joe, Maureen, and Jim. Easter at Burt's.
19680523 Posing on the Walkway
1969 Judy Nelson
1969 Johann and Harold with Dad at birthday party.
1969 Nana, Roman, and Stephen at Aunt Mae's.
1969 Nana, Lorraine, Stephen and Roman at Aunt Mae's.
19691225 Directing All the Proceedings
19691225 Group Shot
Date Photos Dated (1970-1979)
1970 Roman H.
1970 Roman H. school pic
1970 Roman
1970 Johann, Danny, Fred, Marion, John and Lisa Schaeffer
1970 Harold, Lorraine, Jackie, and Fred Schaeffer - Octoberfest at Hunter Mountain NY.
1970 Harold and Johann with Dad on Graduation day.
1970 Harold, Johann, and Chuck with Dad and Grandpa fishing at the river.
1970 Johann and Harold in the "spot".
1970 Harold and Mustard.
1970 Harold and Claire prom photo.
1970 Harold. Happy graduate.
1970 Harold with Mom and Dad. Proud parents.
1970 Harold - The Graduate.
1970 Johann, Fred, and Dad at Hunter Mountain Octoberfest.
1970 Danny, Johann, and Tiger.
1970 Harold. Serious graduate.
1970 Erich, Harold, and David at Christmas.
1970 Erich, Harold, and David. Great Photo.
1970 Erich, Carol, Erich, Harold, and David. Family shot.
1970 Carol, Johann, John, Marion, and Lorraine. Backyard.
1970 Harold, David, and Erich. School uniforms.
1970 Erich. Scout uniform.
1970 Harold. School Photo.
1970 Erich. School Photo.
1970 Erich. School Photo.
1970 Carol, Jackie, Mom, Miss Smith, Tricia and Lisa.
1970 Carol and Erich at a cookout in NJ.
1970 David with Grandmom and Grandpop.
1970 Erich. School Photo.
1970 Harold. School Photo.
1970 David. School Photo
1970 Marion with Erich and his boys, Harold, Erich, and David. The dog?
1970 Chuck and his ride. Not sure about the year.
1970 Chuck at the hearth.
1970 Chuck, chillin with beverage on the porch.
1970 Chuck and Mom. Dancing at the Ale House.
1970 Chuck, even in a bad picture he looks good.
1970 Chuck and Dad, at Chuck's wedding.
1970 Mom, Dad, and Uncle Gus with Chuck and (Gail?), at Christmas.
1970 Chuck posing.
1970 Nana, Mom, and Dad with Chuck and Gail in backyard. N.J.
1970 Chuck with lady friend. Nice suit.
1970 Mom, Dad, and Chuck at the Village Ale House.
1970 Mom, Chuck, and his Caddie.
1970 Harold, Hans, and Chuck with Dad, and Grandpop at the river.
1970 Nana, Mom, and Dad with Chuck and Gail in backyard. N.J. Everybody looking at the camera this time.
1970 Hans, Roman, and Harold in the spot.
1970 Jackie and Roman on the steps at Aunt Mae's.
1970 Roman, Tricia, and Mustard.
1970 Roman and Sean with Dad in the mirror.
1970 Jessie, Addie, Thurman, Estelle, and Lossie.
1970 Mom, Dad, Fred, Jackie, and Hans at Hunter mountain.
1970 Chuck and Jim. Unknown event.
1970 Chuck and Gail's wedding.
1970 Chuck, Judy, and her mom.
1970 Thanksgiving at Chuck and Judy's.
1970 Chuck and Natalie Dicken.
1970 Chuck, Lalie and Friend. Protest.
1970 Dad and Nana, on vacation.
1970 Lorraine, Nana, Dot, and Mae at Chuck's wedding.
1970 Nana and Lossie.
1970 Thurman and Virginia Williams.
1970 Jessie, Addie, Lossie, Estelle, and Chuck.
1970 Jessie, Addie, Lossie, Thurman, and Estelle.
1970 Addie, Thurman, Lossie, Jessie, and Estelle.
1970 Thurman, Estelle, Lossie, Addie, Jessie, Seth, Mamie.
1970 Sean and Stacy Evans.
1970 Sean. School photo.
1970 Ricky, Johann, and Sean. Camper on the beach in N.C.
1970 Sean and Santa.
1970 Sean. School photo.
1970 Ricky, Sean and Hans on the swing at Buddy and Dot's.
1970 Sean on the beach in N.C.
1970 Ricky, Sean and Hans. Play ball!
1970 Hans and Sean. N.C.?
1970 Sean and Mustard. Backyard in N.J.
1970 Dot, Lorraine, and Sean. Kitty Hawk, N.C.
1970 Dad and Sean in the pool. Probably Hershey, PA.
1970 Sean on the swing set. Deptford, NJ.
1970 Sean, Roman, and Hans. Christmas day.
1970 Sean and Mom at Kitty Hawk, NC.
1970 Mom and Dad with Sean at confirmation.
1970 Hans and Sean. Sand dunes at Kitty Hawk, NC.
1970 Dad, Mom, and Sean.
1970 Sean's first grade class photo.
1970 Sean in a Star Wars shirt.
1970 Sean, out front with our old car.
1970 Sean and Stacy with unknown child. NJ
1970 Sean and Dad.
1970 Sean out front. Deptford, NJ.
1970 Sean out front in Deptford, NJ.
1970 Sean. Swimming in Mass.
1970 Sean, Tricia and friend. Mass.
1970 Dad and Sean in the pool. Hershey, PA.
1970 Dad and Sean in the pool. Hershey, PA.
1970 Dad, Mom, and Sean in the spot.
1970 Sean out front. Deptford, NJ. Looking cool.
1970 Sean. School Photo.
1970 Val and Janet.
1970 Joe, Val, Janet, Maureen, Kathleen with Dad.
1970 Jimmy Toolen.
1970 Maureen Toolen. School uniform.
1970 Janet Toolen. School uniform.
1970 Kathleen Toolen.
1970 Joseph Toolen.
1970 Valkry's graduation photo.
1970 Christmas at the Toolen house.
1970 Jackie and Fred.
1970 Tricia, Jackie, and Lorraine. On the deck in Mass.
1970 John, Tricia, Jackie, Lorraine, and Fred on the deck in Mass.
1970 Lisa, Fred, and Tricia out front, Mass.
1970 Fred, Tricia, John, Lisa, and Lorraine out front, Mass.
1970 Tricia at the beach.
1970 Jackie and Tricia at the beach.
1970 Lisa at the beach.
1970 Fred, Jackie, Danny, Lisa, and Tricia.
1970 Fred and Jackie. Octoberfest. Hunter Mt. N.Y.
1970 Jackie and Fred. Chicken Dance. Hunter Mt. N.Y.
1970 Fred, Jackie, Lisa, Tricia, Lorraine, and John. Mass.
1970 Fred and Jackie, Lorraine and John. Octoberfest.
1970 Tricia at the piano.
1970 Fred, Jackie, Danny, Lisa, and Tricia. Mass.
1970 Fred and Jackie. Pittsfield, Mass.
1970 Jackie, Fred, Danny, Lisa, and Tricia at Easter. Looks like Bert's house.
1970 Fred, John, Lorraine, Lisa, and Tricia. Octoberfest. N.Y.
1970 Jackie, Lisa, Fred, and Tricia.
1970 Lisa, Fred, Tricia, and Jackie.
1970 Johann, John, Marion, Fred, and Chuck at the river.
1970 Lorraine and Fred at October fest. Hunter Mt. N.Y.
1970 Ray Williams. Seth's son.
1970 Jackie and Gus. Octoberfest.
1970 Gus, Fred, and John. Octoberfest.
1970 Mae, Mrs. Smith, and Sean. Family gathering.
1970 Lorraine, Estelle, Buddy, and Mae. Robersonville, N.C.
1970 David, Lorraine, Mark, and Mae. Glen Bernie, MD.
1970 Lorraine, Buddy, Estelle, and Mae. Deptford, N.J.
1970 David, Mae, Mark, Lorraine, Kay, and Sonny. Deptford, N.J.
1970 Lorraine. School photo.
1970 David, Alex, Sonny, Michael, and Mark. Glen Bernie, MD.
1970 Lorraine. School photo.
1970 Danny, Fred, Tricia, Lisa, and Jackie. Deptford, N.J.
1970 Lisa, Danny, and Tricia. Deptford, N.J.
1970 Tricia, Danny, and Lisa.
1970 Tom, Tommy, and Bert.
1970 Buddy and Dot, Nana, Al and Mae, Lorraine and John.
1970 John, Al, and Buddy.
1970 Lorraine. School photo.
1970 Estelle and Buddy. Reenactment dress.
1970 Dot, Rickey, Joyce, Ray, Chuckie, Raymond, Cathy, David, April, Buddy, and Melissa. Deptford, NJ.
1970 Buddy and Dot.
1970 Buddy and Dot.
1970 Cathy, David, Dot, April, Rickey, and Buddy. NJ.
1970 Raymond, Melissa, Joyce, Chuckie, and Ray. Deptford, NJ.
1970 Ray, Chuckie, Raymond, and Joyce. Deptford, NJ.
1970 Dot on the beach.
1970 Sean, Buddy, Judy, and Dot. At the beach. NC.
1970 Joyce and Ray.
1970 Gertie and Ruth.
1970 Lorraine and Kathy at antique car show.
1970 Lorraine, Bob, and John.
1970 Kathy and Lorraine at antique car show.
1970 Ray, Joyce, and Chuckie.
1970 Riding the Bike
19700605 Chapel Hill, NC
19700605 Mom and Dad. Chapel Hill, N.C.
1971 Linda
1972 Stephen Katchuk
1972-05 Nana, southern lady.
1972-05 Nana and Lossie with Lossie's grandchild.
1973-12 Sean and Santa.
1974 Erich Schaeffer
1974 Judy Nelson
1975 Janet
1975 Erich. School Photo.
1975 Buried in Sand
1975 Buried in Sand
1975 Group Shot at the Picnic Table
1975 Info Coming in Via Phone Call
19750701 Fourth Grade
1976 Roman, 4th grade photo.
19760517 Sean. Angelic.
1977 Val and Fred.
1977 Maureen. School photo.
1977 Kathleen. School photo.
1977 James. School photo.
1977 Reason for the Photo?
1977 Horrendous Jacket
1977 Horrendous Jacket and a Cool Jacket
1977 Sneaking Over the Fence
1977 Watching a Baseball Game?
19770211 School Spelling Bee Winner
19770601 First Base for JD Lawrence
19770801 All-Star Game Day
19770801 All-Star Game Day
19770801 All-Star Game Day
1978 Kathy Toolin
1978 Mildred and Cam
1978 Lorraine Grumm, Sean's cousin.
1979 David. First Holy Communion.
1979 David. School Photo.
1979 Harold. School Photo.
19790618 Janet's graduation.
Date Photos Dated (1980-1989)
1980 Linda, Roger and the kids
1980 Harold Schaeffer - Colorado?
1980 Harold Schaeffer - Deptford NJ
1980 Harold Schaeffer - adventure bound.
1980 Harold with Mom and Dad in Colorado.
1980 Harold with Dad and Uncle Gus in Colorado.
1980 Harold with Mom and Uncle Gus in Colorado.
1980 Harold with Mom and Dad in Colorado.
1980 Harold with Mom and Dad in Colorado.
1980 Harold with Mom and Uncle Gus in Colorado.
1980 Harold with Dad and Uncle Gus at the Coors brewery in Colorado.
1980 Harold with Mom and Dad in Colorado.
1980 Harold with Wombat.
1980 Harold with Dad, Westville NJ.
1980 Dad with Fred and Harold. Looking proud.
1980 Harold and Mom in the "spot".
1980 Harold and Mom.
1980 Harold's cat Nutmeg - The Round Mound of Rebound.
1980 Harold with Dad. Love this shot.
1980 Harold - Sharp dressed man.
1980 Harold. Big Grizzly Adams fan.
1980 Eddie. School Photo.
1980 Eddie. School Photo.
1980 Erich and Carol with their boys, Harold, David and Eddie.
1980 Erich and Carol with the boys, Erich, Harold, David, Eddie.
1980 Uncle Gus' Mother Dot Kirby.
1980 Chuck and Nana. Check out the shorts.
1980 Mom and Chuck, Chuck's new place.
1980 Jim, Becky, and Chuck with Christan and newborn John.
1980 Johann taking a nap with cuddles.
1980 Johann taking a nap.
1980 Dad, Roman, and Hans, seeing visitors off.
1980 Roman, dressed to kill.
1980 Roman, in his uniform.
1980 Mom, Dad, Nana, Roman and Sean. Backyard.
1980 Roman and Sean at Hershey Park
1980 Roman. School photo.
1980 Cathy, Chuck, and Nana.
1980 Chuck and Dad with Delmas Williams.
1980 Chuck and Gail Dicken. Angie, Gina, and John.
1980 Nana and a big southern supper.
1980 Chad and Tiny.
1980 Cathy and Nana at the beach.
1980 Nana soaking up the rays.
1980 Nana with Mom and Dad. Cape May Lewis ferry.
1980 Twiggy. Nana's dog.
1980 Nana at Mom and Dad's.
1980 Estelle and Lossie. N.C.
1980 Sean. Graduation photo.
1980 Sean. Cap and Gown.
1980 Lorraine, Sean, and Bridie. Prom night.
1980 Sean with a friend at his graduation party.
1980 Sean and prom date?
1980 Sean. Fine young man.
1980 Sean's cousin, Tommy Grumm.
1980 Mom and Dad at Lorraine Grumm's wedding.
1980 Dad gives Lorraine Grumm away.
1980 Sean in the Brown wedding party.
1980 Mom and Dad in a Brown wedding portrait.
1980 Sean. School photo.
1980 Sean. Prom time.
1980 Joseph Jr. Christmas card.
1980 Amanda Burgess.
1980 Christmas at the Toolen house.
1980 Janet and Frank wedding.
1980 Janet and Frank wedding.
1980 Mom and Nana with Christan.
1980 Dad with Christan.
1980 Christan, what a smile.
1980 Jim with Christan and John at home.
1980 Christan and John at home.
1980 Becky and Jim out back at home. N.C.
1980 Jim at home.
1980 Christan.
1980 John with his Grandmom. N.C.
1980 Jim and John at home.
1980 Jim with a smile.
1980 Dad in his chair.
1980 John and his toy horse.
1980 Mom, Becky and Christan.
1980 Dad, Jim and Christan. Deptford, N.J.
1980 Dad, Becky, and Christan. Deptford, N.J.
1980 Jim. What do you think about the shirt?
1980 John in disguise.
1980 Becky, Jim, and Christan at Mom and Dad's. N.J.
1980 Becky, whipping up a meal.
1980 Christan with Grandmom and Grandpop. N.J.
1980 Christan and her award winning smile.
1980 Mom, Becky and Christan.
1980 Christan and John. Having fun.
1980 Christan and Grandmom.
1980 John and Grandmom.
1980 Becky in the kitchen.
1980 Christan with her Grandmom.
1980 Becky, Christa, John, Buddie, Dot, Nana, and Aunt Mae.
1980 Christan with Grandmom and Grandpop.
1980 Nana, Lorraine, Becky, and Christan.
1980 Christan in Dad's chair.
1980 Becky and Christan on the floor in Deptford, N.J.
1980 Melissa Ann Walker. 3 months.
1980 Jim with Mom.
1980 Christan. Learning to eat.
1980 Christan in her new home at 9 months.
1980 Christan with Grandma Hinkle. 10 months.
1980 Christan. Keeping cool in the pool.
1980 Christan and Becky. Birth reenactment. Just kidding.
1980 Christan.
1980 Christan and her mommy.
1980 Christan.
1980 Becky and Christan.
1980 Becky.
1980 Lisa, Tricia, Fred, and Jackie. Deptford, N.J.
1980 Fred, Lisa, Jackie, Erich, and Eddie. Deptford, N.J.
1980 Tricia. School photo.
1980 Tricia. School photo.
1980 Jeremy. Cute one.
1980 Jeremy. Another cute one. Christmas.
1980 Jeremy.
1980 Jeremy. Reading a story.
1980 Gus, Bert, and Dot Kirby.
1980 Becky and Jim.
1980 Christan. Sleeping.
1980 Joe and Janet walking up the aisle.
1980 Pete, Hazel, Estelle, Selma, and David.
1980 Dot Kirby, Bert, Val, Joe, and Colleen. 5 generations.
1980 David, Mae, Estelle, and Mark. Deptford, N.J.
1980 Gus, Fred, Jackie, John, and Lorraine. Octoberfest.
1980 Tricia and John. Octoberfest. N.Y.
1980 Lorraine and Tricia. Octoberfest. N.Y.
1980 John and Fred. Octoberfest. Keg Mountain.
1980 Mae, Kay, and Sonny. Deptford, N.J.
1980 Lorraine, Buddy, Mae, and Estelle. Robersonville, N.C.
1980 John, Nana, Lorraine, Chuck, Mae, Buddy, and Dot.
1980 Buddy and Dot.
1980 John and Buddy.
1980 Buddy and Dot. Deptford, N.J.
1980 Buddy. Deptford, N.J.
1980 Dot and Buddy. Deptford, N.J.
1980 Buddy. Birthday boy.
1980 Steve and Lorraine. Wedding day.
1980 Lorraine, Estelle, Steve, Mae, and Lorraine. Wedding day.
1980 Sonny and Kay. Great shot.
1980 April. Portrait.
1980 April. Communion dress.
1980 Judy and Chad.
1980 Dot and Buddy.
1980 Raymond. School photo. Age 16.
1980 Charles. School photo. Age 15.
1980 Joyce and Ray.
1980 Chuckie.
1980 Melissa and Chuckie.
1980 Joyce, Melissa, and Ray.
1980 Buddy and April.
1980 Dot, Estelle, Lorraine, John, Buddy, April, and Mae.
1980 Cathy, David, Buddy, Dot, and April.
1980 Raymond. 12th grade photo. Age 17.
1980 Cathy, David, and April.
1980 Estelle and Mae. Lorraine's wedding.
1980 Steve, April, Cathy, and David.
1980 Melissa. School photo. 2nd Grade.
1980 Allison. School photo.
1980 Melissa. School photo.
1980 Edie.
1980 Estelle, April, and David.
1980 Melissa and Christan.
1980 Lorraine, Dot, and John.
1980 Dot, April, Estelle, and Mae.
1980 Michael and Toni. Christmas time.
1980 Michael and Toni.
1980 Michael, Toni, and Estelle.
1980 Buddy, Lorraine, Estelle, and Mae.
1980 John and Buddy.
1981 Erich. School Photo.
1981-07 Lossie, Thurman, Estelle, and Jessie.
1982 Chad Brown
1983 Aunt Dot and Nana at Nana's 75th birthday party.
1983 Nana and Hazel with Lorraine and Mark.
1983 Becky, Jim and Christan. Proud parents.
1983 Jim and Christan.
1983 Christan. Bright Eyed.
1983 Becky feeding Christan.
1983 David Richard Peer.
1983 Somebody Just Woke Up
1983 Some Reason for a Suit
1983 Some Reason for a Suit
1983 Some Reason for a Suit
1983 Picnic Day in the Back Yard
1983 Roman Sitting on the Couch
1983 Photo Taken Just for Gillian
1983-05 Sean's cousin, Mary Jane Brown.
19830701 Pic Taken a Year Ahead of Time
1983-09 Sean's cousins, Mary Jane and Patrick Brown.
1983-09 Christan Hope Dicken. 2 months.
1983-12 Sean's cousins, Mary Jane and Patrick Brown.
1984 Roman with paternal Grandmom. Browns Mills, NJ.
1984 Christan and purple panda.
1984 Christan and Lorraine in the airport.
1984 Christan. Nap time with care bear.
1984 Becky, Jim and Christan.
1984 Mom, Christan, and Jim.
1984 Becky, Christan, and Lorraine.
1984 Jim giving Christan a ride.
1984 Christan. Tada!
1984 Lorraine relaxing.
1984 Pic Taken in 1984
1984 Paternal Grandmother
1984 Paternal Grandmother and Father
1984 Paternal Grandmother
1984 Paternal Grandmother
1984-02 Christan at 6 months.
1984-02 Christan at 6 months.
1984-02 Christan at 6 months.
19840615 Roman's Graduation
19840615 Roman's Graduation
19840615 Roman's Graduation
19840615 Roman's Graduation
1985 Harold Schaeffer - Colorado Lasted 2 weeks.
1985 Janet, Colleen and baby Colleen.
1985 Christan, cooling off.
1985 Christan at 16 months.
1985-04 Mom and Christan.
1985-04 Christan. Backyard in NJ. Notice the pallet.
19850624 Jeremy Robert Schaeffer at 6 days.
19850701 Jackie and Trish Meeting Roman
19850701 Roman at His Place
19850701 Outside Roman's Front Yard
19850701 All Smiles at Universal Studios
19850701 The Galley at Universal Studios
19850701 Chinese Theatre, Hollywood
19850701 Rare Time in the Water
19850701 Rare Time in the Water
19850701 Rare Time in the Water
19850701 Rare Time in the Water
1985-10 Sean's cousins, the Brown family.
1985-10 Christan, waiting for Daddy.
1985-10 Christan and Becky. Out for the evening.
1985-10 Christan, going bye-bye.
1985-11 Jeremy at 4 months.
19851215 John Charles Dicken at 4 days.
1986 Harold Schaeffer - Colorado Lasted 2 days. Zappa?
1986 Nana.
1986 Sean with Mom at Graduation.
1986 Jim and Christan. A winning smile.
1986 Becky and Christan at the beach.
1986 Christan, again with the smile.
1986 Becky and John.
1986 John in the stroller.
1986 Dad and Mom with Becky, Christan, and John on vacation.
1986 Dad and Mom with Becky, Christan, and John on vacation.
1986 Mom, Becky and John.
1986 Jim, Becky, Christan, and John sightseeing.
1986 Christan at the beach.
1986 Dad, Jim, Becky, Christan, and John at the beach.
1986 Jim with Christan and John.
1986 Christan/Wonder Woman.
1986 John in backyard at Deptford, N.J.
1986 John under the tree. N.C.
1986 John at home.
1986 Christan and John at home.
1986 Christan in the rocker.
1986 Christan and John under the tree. N.C.
1986 Christan under the tree. N.C.
1986 Jim and Kevin at the Philadelphia Zoo.
1986 Becky, Kevin and John at the Philadelphia Zoo.
1986 John, Christan, and Kevin at the Philadelphia Zoo.
19870428 Amanda Lynn Burgess. 6 lbs 5 ozs 18.5 inches.
1987-06 Amanda at 6 weeks.
1987-06 Amanda at 6 weeks.
19871013 Stephen Shaw at 1 day old.
1988 Harold with Mom and Nana, Wedding Day.
1988 Harold and Linda Schaeffer.
1988 Christan. Kindergarden photo.
1988 Ray. Navy photo.
1988 Family Tree, 1988
19880131 Jim with Dad and Mom.
19880131 Christan and John with Mom.
19880131 Christan and John. Big smiles.
19880806 The Schaeffer Clan at Johann and Jeanette's wedding.
1989-07 Nana at Buddy and Dot's.
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