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Jacquelyn Marie Stadler Personal Page!
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My Bio, Portrait, Nuclear Family + Pics
My Nuclear FamilyMy 90 Pics
I haven't yet submitted a brief bio; I likely will do so soon.
My Portrait Important Details
Birthday: Sep 26, 1942 # Pics: 90
Birthplace: Pennsylvania My Gen: 9
Birth Note: My site ID: h119
Current Res: Pennsylvania My Chart: Fred 1939
Please read!
Fave Topics: Kids, grandkids, and helping the girl scouts with camping trips and other outings
Fun Fact(s):
Misc Stuff:
Me with Fred in Sep of 2019, headed to the gym.
Family Portrait My Nuclear Family
My Parents
Father:    Charles H. Stadler (-)
Mother:    Annamarie Wagstaff (-)
        m. (date unknown, place unknown)
Spouse 1:    UnknFirstM UnknLastM (—)
        m. (date unknown, place unknown)
(Dad):           (—)
(Mom):           (—)
Spouse 2:    Friedrich Karl Schaeffer (Aug 5, 1939—)
        m. 10-30-1965 (place unknown)
(Dad):           John Sebastian Schaeffer (1917-2001)
(Mom):           Bertha Agnes Neumann (1921-2001)
Children:    Daniel Joseph (Mar 30, 1961—)
   Lisa Marie (Sep 4, 1966—)
   Tricia Lynn (Dec 1, 1970—)
In this pic are Fred, Jackie, Daniel, Lisa, Tricia, John, Jeremy, Saralyn, Jonah, MaKenzie, Karl, Charles, Anthony, James, Gillian, Leyna and Stephanie
Photos 1-60 (of 90) of Jacquelyn Marie!
I have 90 pics available here (pics 1-60 shown below.) Recent pics should always be available for others; as I search for some, perhaps if you have any recent pics of me not shown, you will contribute them!
All My Pics: 1-6061-90
Brunch at KFC Taco Bell Secondary Thanksgiving at Mom's House Secondary Thanksgiving at Mom's House Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House
p18089-25-2019 p178512-02-2014 p178612-02-2014 p171511-26-2009 p171611-26-2009 p171811-26-2009
1600 x 1586, 538K 1600 x 1586, 591K 1600 x 1586, 626K 1600 x 1586, 622K 1600 x 1586, 655K 1600 x 1586, 685K

Time at the Cabin (and the Area) Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's House Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's House Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House
p15132008 p168311-22-2007 p168511-22-2007 p164411-23-2006 p164511-23-2006 p164711-23-2006
1600 x 1982, 929K 1600 x 1586, 585K 1600 x 1586, 553K 1600 x 1586, 647K 1600 x 1586, 658K 1600 x 1586, 647K

Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Tricia, Roman, and Jackie. Thanksgiving at Mom's. Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's
p165111-23-2006 p5672006 p161111-24-2005 p161511-24-2005 p161711-24-2005 p162211-24-2005
1600 x 1586, 611K 800 x 524, 100K 1600 x 1586, 574K 1600 x 1586, 660K 1600 x 1628, 685K 1600 x 1586, 641K

Fred and Jackie. Proud parents on wedding day. Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Jeanne, Chuck, and Jackie. Thanksgiving at Mom's. Jackie in her biker chick phase.
p12944/2/2005 p159011-25-2004 p159711-25-2004 p160011-25-2004 p5102004 p10939/29/2001
800 x 838, 135K 1600 x 1586, 669K 1600 x 1586, 668K 1600 x 1586, 584K 800 x 449, 80K 800 x 1178, 185K

Janet and Jackie at family gathering. Jackie and John. Relaxing. Fred, Jonah, Saralyn, and Jackie. Saralyn, Jackie, and Jonah. Fred, Jackie, and Gus. Harold, Jay, Hans, Mom, and Jackie. Pool party.
p11969/22/2001 p12084/29/2001 p12104/29/2001 p12144/29/2001 p12164/28/2001 p5542000's
800 x 665, 125K 800 x 641, 108K 800 x 710, 144K 800 x 674, 112K 800 x 475, 84K 800 x 528, 106K

Fred, Jim, and Jackie. Backyard in N.C. Jackie, Ricky, Fred, and Kevin. Fred and Jackie. Robersonville, N.C. Jackie and Fred. Christmas. Jackie, Fred, and Lorraine. Newfield, N.J. Jackie.
p8602000's p8622000's p10612000's p10642000's p10862000's p10882000's
800 x 358, 71K 800 x 497, 87K 800 x 1188, 219K 800 x 1268, 258K 800 x 736, 119K 800 x 880, 141K

Fred, Jackie, and Mom. Vegas vaca. Jackie and Mom. Planning a day in Vegas. Lorraine and Jackie. Taking in a meal in Vegas. MaKenzie and Jackie in the pool. Tara, Lauren, Kevin, Fred, and Jackie. Robersonville, N.C. Jackie and Lorraine. Watching the fishermen.
p10902000's p10912000's p10922000's p11302000's p12252000's p111610/9/1999
800 x 455, 97K 800 x 646, 119K 800 x 615, 87K 800 x 557, 102K 800 x 599, 126K 800 x 765, 131K

Jackie with Sean James. At Mom's. Jackie, John, Lorraine, and Fred. Deptford, N.J. Jackie and Fred. Portrait. Jackie and Fred at Dad's birthday dinner. Jeremy, John, Jackie, Fred, Lisa, Kristin, Lorraine, and Estelle. Jackie and Trish Meeting Roman
p7207/9/1999 p11137/9/1999 p11411990-11 p11111999 p11331990's p15781985
800 x 653, 113K 800 x 553, 109K 800 x 1064, 149K 800 x 705, 108K 800 x 557, 135K 1200 x 1096, 347K

Outside Roman's Front Yard The Galley at Universal Studios Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Lisa, Tricia, Fred, and Jackie. Deptford, N.J. Fred, Lisa, Jackie, Erich, and Eddie. Deptford, N.J. Gus, Fred, Jackie, John, and Lorraine. Octoberfest.
p15801985 p15821985 p15831985 p11231980's p11241980's p12751980's
1200 x 1127, 396K 800 x 1428, 252K 1200 x 1216, 412K 800 x 808, 158K 800 x 620, 133K 800 x 561, 115K

Harold, Lorraine, Jackie, and Fred Schaeffer - Octoberfest at Hunter Mountain NY. Carol, Jackie, Mom, Miss Smith, Tricia and Lisa. Jackie and Roman on the steps at Aunt Mae's. Mom, Dad, Fred, Jackie, and Hans at Hunter mountain. Jackie and Fred. Tricia, Jackie, and Lorraine. On the deck in Mass.
p2651970's p4341970's p5611970's p5971970's p10401970's p10421970's
800 x 589, 121K 800 x 758, 124K 837 x 825, 139K 800 x 498, 122K 800 x 838, 197K 800 x 677, 106K
All My Pics: 1-6061-90
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