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My Bio, Portrait, Nuclear Family + Pics
My Nuclear FamilyMy 113 Pics
Master Electrician, father of two, and own a home in Runnemede, NJ. For fun, I do construction projects on the side.
My Portrait Important Details
Birthday: Mar 27, 1967 # Pics: 113
Birthplace: Allentown, PA My Gen: 9
Birth Note: My site ID: h140
Current Res: Runnemede, NJ My Chart: John 1917
Please read!
Education: Delaware Valley School of Trades
Occupation: Master Electrician
Fave Topics: Football, construction and sports
Fun Fact(s): First car cost $75, brother Chuck purchased it at a bar.
Misc Stuff: Harold followed in my footsteps, going to Delaware Valley School of Trades a year after I did.
This is me in Sep of 2019
Family Portrait My Nuclear Family
My Parents
Father:    John Sebastian Schaeffer (1917-2001)
Mother:    Lorraine Nelson (Sep 17, 1927—)
        m. 7-19-1952, Philadelphia, PA
Spouse 1:    Melissa Ann Boggi (Dec 24, 1970—)
        m. 11-8-1997, Deptford, NJ; d. 2019
(Dad):           (—)
(Mom):           (—)
Children:    Amanda (Apr 27, 1990—)
   Sean James (May 30, 1998—)
   Connor Dylan (Aug 19, 1999—)
Me, Sean Jr, Connor, Amanda and Melissa in 2014
Photos 1-60 (of 113) of Sean!
I have 113 pics available here (pics 1-60 shown below.) Recent pics should always be available for others; as I search for some, perhaps if you have any recent pics of me not shown, you will contribute them!
All My Pics: 1-6061-113
Dinner at Carrabba's Mid-Afternoon at Mom's House Visiting JJ's House Early Evening at JJ's House Mom's 80th Birthday Party Mom's 80th Birthday Party
p185410-1-2019 p18539-30-2019 p178311-30-2014 p173312-3-2009 p15239-17-2007 p15259-17-2007
1600 x 1586, 468K 1600 x 1586, 518K 1600 x 1586, 519K 1600 x 2510, 826K 1600 x 1982, 746K 1600 x 1982, 626K

Sean, Melissa and Family at Mom's Football Game at Sharky's Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Roman, Harold, Fred, Hans, and Sean. In the spot.
p166411-29-2006 p166011-26-2006 p164611-23-2006 p164811-23-2006 p165811-23-2006 p6012006-11
1600 x 1586, 614K 1600 x 1628, 631K 1600 x 1586, 631K 1600 x 1586, 562K 1600 x 1586, 619K 800 x 583, 112K

Visiting With Sean and Family Visiting With Sean and Family Sean and Jeanette at Uncle Buddie's 80th birthday. Sean and Jeanette at Uncle Buddie's 80th birthday. Sean and Melissa. At Mom's birthday party in Philly. Sean and Melissa at Mom's birthday party in Philly.
p163111-30-2005 p163211-30-2005 p7302005 p7312005 p7339/20/2003 p7369/20/2003
1600 x 1586, 584K 1600 x 1586, 670K 800 x 979, 145K 800 x 775, 115K 800 x 566, 102K 800 x 564, 90K

Sean. Thanksgiving at Mom's. Jay, Hans, and Sean. Pool party. Sean and Sean James at Mom's for Thanksgiving Melissa and Sean. Party in Newfield, NJ. Connor, Sean, Sean J., and Amanda at Disneyworld. Sean and Sean James at Newfield party.
p70511/22/2001 p5552000's p6992000's p7322000's p7432000's p7492000's
800 x 665, 91K 800 x 852, 151K 800 x 1007, 162K 800 x 809, 125K 800 x 758, 140K 800 x 1054, 172K

Melissa, Sean J., Amanda, Connor, and Sean. Disneyworld. Melissa, Sean, and Amanda. Sean and Melissa at the Ale House. Sean and Amanda at Mom's on Christmas. Sean and Melissa at Mom's on Christmas. Harold, Amanda, Sean, and Melissa. Christmas day.
p7932000's p7127/28/1996 p6935/18/1996 p70112/25/1995 p71012/25/1995 p78712/25/1995
800 x 945, 157K 800 x 617, 118K 800 x 605, 95K 800 x 696, 121K 800 x 624, 146K 800 x 484, 101K

Sean and Amanda. Christmas at Mom's. Sean and Amanda. Christmas at Mom's. Party at Mom and Dad house in NJ. Melissa, Sean, and Sean J., at Dad's birthday dinner. Sean, Harold, Fred, John, and Edward. Party at Deptford. The Schaeffer Clan at Johann and Jeanette's wedding.
p78812/25/1995 p78912/25/1995 p3321990's p7191990's p7461990's p13078/6/1988
800 x 726, 119K 800 x 676, 122K 800 x 484, 103K 800 x 552, 90K 800 x 495, 108K 800 x 624, 125K

Sean with Mom at Graduation. Picnic Day in the Back Yard Mom, Dad, Nana, Roman and Sean. Backyard. Roman and Sean at Hershey Park Sean. Graduation photo. Sean. Cap and Gown.
p7251986 p15651980's p5721980's p5731980's p6781980's p6801980's
800 x 1011, 204K 1200 x 1269, 437K 800 x 1188, 377K 1004 x 808, 222K 800 x 1096, 132K 800 x 1091, 140K

Lorraine, Sean, and Bridie. Prom night. Sean with a friend at his graduation party. Sean and prom date? Sean. Fine young man. Sean in the Brown wedding party. Sean. School photo.
p6821980's p6851980's p7131985-03 p7291980's p7581980's p7861980's
873 x 831, 185K 800 x 788, 163K 800 x 1154, 159K 800 x 905, 179K 800 x 807, 135K 800 x 1236, 147K

Sean. Prom time. All-Star Game Day Horrendous Jacket and a Cool Jacket Sean. Angelic. Buried in Sand Buried in Sand
p7911980's p15601977 p15541970's p6875/17/1976 p15461970's p15471970's
800 x 1006, 186K 1200 x 1207, 369K 1200 x 1263, 452K 800 x 1166, 171K 1200 x 1285, 422K 1200 x 1265, 357K

Group Shot at the Picnic Table Sean and Santa. Roman and Sean with Dad in the mirror. Thanksgiving at Chuck and Judy's. Sean and Stacy Evans. Sean. School photo.
p15491970's p7691973-12 p5711970's p6091970's p6811970's p6891970's
1200 x 1286, 416K 800 x 1045, 168K 800 x 878, 134K 800 x 600, 115K 777 x 573, 92K 800 x 1258, 144K
All My Pics: 1-6061-113
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