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Jeanette Orbanus Personal Page!
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My Bio, Portrait, Nuclear Family + Pics
My Nuclear FamilyMy 44 Pics
I am a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer working at Advanced Radiology in Millville, NJ. Family, friends and I have started a wine class that meets every second Saturday of the month, and we have been going strong for over 4 years now.
Johann and I have three pets now: Rufus, our dog (whose page will be found soon); Ilean, our male cat (who happens to have only 3 legs); and Sabrina, our female cat...and Sabrina rules the roost!
My Portrait Important Details
Birthday: May 7, 1960 # Pics: 44
Birthplace: Pennsylvania My Gen: 9
Birth Note: My site ID: h178
Current Res: New Jersey My Chart: John 1917
Please read!
Occupation: Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
Fave Topics: Wine, Johann, the Philadelphia Flyers, parades, eBay and wine.
Fun Fact(s):
Misc Stuff: Redskins forever!
Me with hubby Johann in Sep 2019
Family Portrait My Nuclear Family
My Parents
Father:     (—)
Mother:     (—)
        m. (date unknown, place unknown)
Spouse 1:    Johann Adolf Schaeffer (Jan 8, 1963—)
        m. 8-11-1987, Williamstown, NJ
(Dad):           John Sebastian Schaeffer (1917-2001)
(Mom):           Lorraine Nelson (Sep 17, 1927—)
Me with a sister of mine (name unknown) in 2009.
Why Does Roman Always Use Me as a Guinea Pig?
So why does Roman alway use me as a guinea pig???
In short:
      - This is the first of three major updates, and it is the biggest one. (It is only about 95% done, so some tweaking will be done through about February of 2007.)
      - Johann and I are scanning lots of pics, and they'll be online soon.
      - right now, this page is the only one besides Dad's that has an extra personal section, but you can have one if you have something to say. can even have two or three if you have a lot to say!
      - some other folks that have actual pics on their page are Mom, Dad, Lorraine, Aunt May, Chuck, and Nana. For a complete list, see the Person List.
      - currently, the partially-working counter on this page is the only one on the site. More on this topic later.
      - we always need help with identifying people in the pics, and getting more pics to add. Please help if you can!
That's all for now!
(Posted Jan 21, 2007)
All 44 Photos of Jeanette!
I have 44 pics available here (shown below.) Recent pics should always be available for others to see; as I search for some, perhaps if you have any recent pics of me not shown, you will contribute them!
Visiting JJ's House Filomena in Deptford, NJ Visiting JJ's House Visiting JJ's House Early Morning at JJ's House Mid-Afternoon at JJ's House
p18409-27-2019 p179012-07-2014 p178111-30-2014 p178211-30-2014 p173112-3-2009 p173212-3-2009
1600 x 1586, 536K 1600 x 1586, 601K 1600 x 1586, 518K 1600 x 1586, 503K 1600 x 1586, 558K 1600 x 2510, 686K

Jeanette's Family Visits JJ's House Jeanette's Family Visits JJ's House Jeanette's Family Visits JJ's House Night Before an Early Flight Night Before an Early Flight Jeanette's Family Visits JJ's House
p172111-27-2009 p172211-27-2009 p171411-25-2009 p169311-29-2007 p169411-29-2007 p168711-24-2007
1600 x 2510, 816K 1600 x 1586, 543K 1600 x 2510, 762K 1600 x 1586, 545K 1600 x 1586, 642K 1600 x 1586, 610K

Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's House Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's House The Night Before Thanksgiving JJ Visiting Mom's House JJ Visiting Mom's House JJ Visiting Mom's House
p168311-22-2007 p168511-22-2007 p168211-21-2007 p167211-16-2007 p167311-16-2007 p167411-16-2007
1600 x 1586, 585K 1600 x 1586, 553K 1600 x 1586, 613K 1600 x 1586, 541K 1600 x 1586, 520K 1600 x 1586, 505K

Mom's 80th Birthday Party Mom's 80th Birthday Party Someone's Headed for the Airport Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's House Someone's Headed for the Airport Two Nights After Thanksgiving
p15229-17-2007 p15249-17-2007 p166612-01-2006 p165011-23-2006 p163512-01-2005 p162911-29-2005
1600 x 1982, 754K 1600 x 1982, 749K 1600 x 1586, 571K 1600 x 1586, 588K 1600 x 1586, 615K 1600 x 1586, 628K

Cleaning Up All the Leaves at JJ's House Cleaning Up All the Leaves at JJ's House Cleaning Up All the Leaves at JJ's House Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's
p162611-27-2005 p162311-26-2005 p162511-26-2005 p161011-24-2005 p161311-24-2005 p161411-24-2005
1600 x 1628, 2 1600 x 1586, 929K 1600 x 1586, 883K 1600 x 1586, 584K 1600 x 1586, 547K 1600 x 1586, 603K

Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's Thanksgiving Dinner at JJ's Sean and Jeanette at Uncle Buddie's 80th birthday. Sean and Jeanette at Uncle Buddie's 80th birthday. The Night Before Thanksgiving Johann and Jeanette at Maggiano's for Mom's birthday.
p161711-24-2005 p161811-24-2005 p7302005 p7312005 p158911-24-2004 p5522003
1600 x 1628, 685K 1600 x 1628, 696K 800 x 979, 145K 800 x 775, 115K 1600 x 1586, 477K 800 x 478, 66K

Jeanette at the Renault Winery Johann and Jeanette. In Mom kitchen. Mrs. Smith, Mom, and Jay. Dinner at Mom's. Harold, Jay, Hans, Mom, and Jackie. Pool party. Jay, Hans, and Sean. Pool party. Jeanette and Melissa at Mom's for thanksgiving.
p2512000's p4792000's p5532000's p5542000's p5552000's p6982000's
190 x 228, 14K 800 x 599, 91K 800 x 426, 84K 800 x 528, 106K 800 x 852, 151K 800 x 911, 168K

Jeanette and Jeanne after a meal at Mom's. Jay and Hans. Dad's birthday party.
p5321990's p5961990's
800 x 448, 81K 800 x 537, 84K
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