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Friedrich Gustav Neumann Personal Page!
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My Bio, Portrait, Nuclear Family + Pics
My Nuclear FamilyMy 22 Pics
Perhaps someone who knew me will submit a brief bio for me? If you knew me, please consider helping out everybody by submitting a few words about me (and pics, if you have any.)
My Portrait Important Details
Birthday: # Pics: 22
Birthplace: My Gen: 8
Birth Note: My site ID: h406
Last Res: My Chart: Marion 1891
Please read!
Date: Feb 27, 2002 Plc: Burial:
Friedrich passed on Feb 27, 2002; more details will follow as they become available.
Fave Topics: Golf
Fun Fact(s):
Misc Stuff:
This is me with Amanda
Family Portrait My Nuclear Family
My Parents
Father:    UnknFirstM Neumann (-)
Mother:    Dorothy UnknLastF (-)
        m. (date unknown, place unknown)
No Spouse(s) or Kid(s) info known
In this pic are Val, Fred, Erich, James and me
All 22 Photos of Friedrich!
I have 22 pics available here, shown below. I am unable to submit additional pics myself; if you have any not shown below, perhaps you will contribute them?
Jim, Becky, Devin, Damaris, Lorraine, and Gus. Jim, Becky, Lorraine, Gus, Devin, and Damaris. Pamela, Jim, Lorraine, Gus, and Devin. Maudie, Gus half sister. Gus with Jonah, and Saralyn. Fred, Jackie, and Gus.
p117910/3/2001 p118610/3/2001 p118010/2/2001 p11979/22/2001 p11484/28/2001 p12164/28/2001
800 x 532, 116K 800 x 477, 99K 800 x 606, 135K 800 x 778, 133K 800 x 673, 129K 800 x 475, 84K

Gus, Val, Fred, Erich, and Jimmy at Mom's Val, Gus, and Fred. Deptford, N.J. Uncle Gus with Amanda. Uncle Gus with Jim and Becky. Sightseeing. John, Lorraine, Gus and Val. Unknown event. Gus, Lorraine, Anthony, and Val.
p8022000's p11127/9/1999 p6927/28/1996 p97010/20/1993 p8041990's p12421990's
800 x 581, 95K 800 x 620, 111K 800 x 645, 103K 800 x 542, 111K 800 x 700, 115K 800 x 632, 134K

Harold with Dad and Uncle Gus in Colorado. Harold with Mom and Uncle Gus in Colorado. Harold with Mom and Uncle Gus in Colorado. Harold with Dad and Uncle Gus at the Coors brewery in Colorado. Gus, Bert, and Dot Kirby. Gus, Fred, Jackie, John, and Lorraine. Octoberfest.
p3061980's p3071980's p3101980's p3111980's p11621980's p12751980's
800 x 542, 86K 800 x 722, 120K 800 x 632, 98K 800 x 600, 96K 800 x 567, 114K 800 x 561, 115K

Mom, Dad, and Uncle Gus with Chuck and (Gail?), at Christmas. Jackie and Gus. Octoberfest. Gus, Fred, and John. Octoberfest. John and Lorraine Schaeffer with Gus Neumann (in MA)
p5041970's p12471970's p12481970's p10320th c.
800 x 879, 146K 800 x 735, 105K 800 x 632, 119K 349 x 437, 29K
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