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Harold Nelson Schaeffer Additional Pics!
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Photos 61-162 (of 230) of Harold!
I have 230 pics available here (pics 61-162 shown below.) Recent pics should always be available for others; as I search for some, perhaps if you have any recent pics of me not shown, you will contribute them!   [Back 1 Page]   [ Back to My Main Page ]
All My Pics: 1-6061-162163-230
Harold with Mom and Dad in Colorado. Harold with Mom and Uncle Gus in Colorado. Harold with Dad and Uncle Gus at the Coors brewery in Colorado. Harold with Mom and Dad in Colorado. Harold with Wombat. Harold with Dad, Westville NJ.
p3091980's p3101980's p3111980's p3121980's p3131980's p3141980's
800 x 740, 112K 800 x 632, 98K 800 x 600, 96K 800 x 800, 109K 800 x 840, 122K 800 x 852, 140K

Dad with Fred and Harold. Looking proud. Harold and Mom in the "spot". Harold and Mom. Harold's cat Nutmeg - The Round Mound of Rebound. Harold with Dad. Love this shot. Harold - Sharp dressed man.
p3291980's p3301980's p3381980's p3491980's p3861980's p3871980's
800 x 596, 128K 800 x 702, 118K 800 x 833, 224K 800 x 713, 161K 800 x 860, 152K 800 x 967, 187K

Harold. Big Grizzly Adams fan. Harold, Lorraine, Jackie, and Fred Schaeffer - Octoberfest at Hunter Mountain NY. Harold and Johann with Dad on Graduation day. Harold, Johann, and Chuck with Dad and Grandpa fishing at the river. Johann and Harold in the "spot". Harold and Mustard.
p4121980's p2651970's p3021970's p3281970's p3311970's p3371970's
800 x 606, 113K 800 x 589, 121K 800 x 1288, 179K 800 x 712, 136K 800 x 672, 135K 800 x 695, 132K

Harold and Claire prom photo. Harold. Happy graduate. Harold with Mom and Dad. Proud parents. Harold - The Graduate. Harold. Serious graduate. Harold, Hans, and Chuck with Dad, and Grandpop at the river.
p3691970's p3831970's p3841970's p3851970's p4161970's p5431970's
800 x 1606, 294K 800 x 1176, 201K 800 x 895, 148K 800 x 953, 150K 800 x 1164, 154K 800 x 734, 150K

Hans, Roman, and Harold in the spot. Johann and Harold with Dad at birthday party. Posing on the Walkway Harold and Johann Group Shot. Hans, Roman, Harold, and Danny. Allegheny Ave.
p5591970's p3231960's p15425/23/1968 p2541960's p3531960's p5751960's
800 x 621, 119K 800 x 708, 106K 800 x 1083, 225K 800 x 848, 125K 800 x 626, 132K 800 x 824, 145K

Lorraine, Harold, and Johann Schaeffer Johann, John, Harold, and Lorraine Schaeffer. Looks like Easter Posing on the Walkway Harold, Johann, and John in Easter Duds. Check out the Mohawk. Harold, looking innocent. Lorraine, Harold, Val, and Joe. Allegheny Ave.
p2521960's p2671960's p15411966- p2571960's p3001963 p14601961-05
800 x 869, 175K 800 x 862, 144K 800 x 1020, 206K 800 x 853, 129K 800 x 1007, 174K 800 x 938, 184K

Harold and Grandmom Kate. Mom and Dad with Chuck and Harold. Becky, Kate, Lorraine, Harold, John, and Chuck. Harold and Marion Schaeffer Allegeny Ave. Harold Schaeffer at Petting Zoo. Harold Schaeffer at Petting Zoo.
p3681961 p6121960-08 p14571960-08 p2661960's p2681960's p2691960's
800 x 840, 200K 800 x 646, 136K 800 x 830, 173K 800 x 833, 135K 800 x 1061, 162K 800 x 916, 143K

Harold Schaeffer - Halloween on Allegeny Ave. Harold Schaeffer at Petting Zoo. Harold and Marion Schaeffer Allegheny Ave. Harold Schaeffer Harold Schaeffer Harold Schaeffer Wow
p2701960's p2711960's p2721960's p2731960's p2741960's p2761960's
800 x 1080, 180K 800 x 850, 161K 800 x 1176, 186K 800 x 876, 163K 800 x 1059, 199K 800 x 769, 123K

Harold and Pudgie(?) Schaeffer Lorraine, Harold, and Erich Schaeffer Chuck, Harold, and Lorraine. Harold with dad at Crystal Cave playground. Harold. Unknown jungle gym. Harold at the park.
p2771960's p2821960's p2941960's p2961960 p3011960's p3031960
800 x 973, 209K 800 x 916, 233K 800 x 753, 188K 800 x 1022, 197K 800 x 913, 129K 800 x 837, 169K

Harold and unknown dogs. Harold, party at Aunt Betty house. Betty is not pictured or a real Aunt. Harold with Mom and cousins Velma and Sue Robersonville, NC. Harold with Dad and cousin Sue. NC. Harold, captivating the ladies. Fred, Harold, and Tommy Schaeffer with Mom.
p3171960's p3391960's p3401960's p3411960's p3421960's p3591960's
800 x 743, 123K 800 x 788, 164K 800 x 1073, 187K 800 x 917, 164K 800 x 749, 122K 800 x 673, 203K

Harold with Val and Joe Toolen and Pudgie. Harold with Linda and Carol from next door. Harold - School photo. Harold. Harold. Harold and the jawbone.
p3601960's p3611960's p3711960's p3771960's p3781960's p3791960's
800 x 1023, 170K 800 x 824, 139K 800 x 1235, 162K 800 x 915, 224K 800 x 968, 164K 800 x 896, 166K

Harold - I am now in sing-sing. Harold, school picture. Harold and Johann at the park. Harold with Santa. Mom with Chuck, Jim, and Harold. Road Trip. Fred and Harold.
p3801960's p3981960's p3991960's p4151960 p4931960 p10771960's
800 x 734, 148K 800 x 1254, 154K 800 x 1056, 170K 800 x 900, 133K 800 x 887, 164K 800 x 956, 169K

Harold and the chicken. Harold and the chicken. Harold with Santa. Harold at petting zoo. Harold with the parakeet. Harold with Uncle Buddy, Aunt Dot, Judy, Cathy, Joyce and Edith Nelson.
p2881959 p2891959 p2911959 p3201959 p3211959 p3561959
800 x 731, 104K 800 x 1017, 147K 800 x 935, 86K 800 x 786, 150K 800 x 737, 122K 800 x 569, 117K

Harold with Joyce, Edith, Cathy, and Judy Nelson. Harold with Santa. Chuck and Harold on the seesaw with Dad. John Schaeffer and Harold Schaeffer Harold and Dad. Chuck, Jim, and Harold with Dad. Fun in the snow.
p3571959 p4141959 p4851959 p2161958-04 p3241958 p3651958
800 x 760, 155K 800 x 951, 142K 800 x 642, 169K 800 x 777, 141K 800 x 851, 177K 800 x 743, 136K

Chuck, Jim, Harold, and Fred with Mom. Harold and Dad, playing in the snow. Harold and Mom, playing in the snow. Harold and Mom, playing in the snow. Better shot. Harold in the snow cave. Harold with Dad.
p3661958 p3921958 p3931958 p3941958 p3951958 p3961958
800 x 793, 162K 800 x 871, 150K 800 x 872, 134K 800 x 673, 100K 800 x 971, 113K 800 x 1084, 195K

Harold, back in the cave. Chuck, Jim, Harold and Mom. Jim and Harold. Easter attire. Harold and Jim on the couch reading. Harold and Fred. Harold and Fred.
p3971958 p4841958 p9651957-04 p10141957-03 p2921957 p2931957
800 x 681, 103K 800 x 982, 139K 800 x 797, 148K 800 x 851, 148K 800 x 1203, 209K 800 x 1313, 222K

Harold, hitching a ride. Harold, waving at the dames. Harold, hanging on the stoop. Harold on Christmas morning 1957. Harold on Christmas morning 1957. Harold looking innocent.
p2951957 p2981957 p2991957 p3181957 p3191957 p3501957
800 x 1024, 178K 800 x 1069, 167K 800 x 765, 117K 800 x 815, 188K 800 x 782, 169K 800 x 754, 140K
All My Pics: 1-6061-162163-230
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