Last updated August 19, 2006
SchaefferStuff Site Updates
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All Past Site Updates
These are all the updates for this site since its inception.
Date Description
2006 - Aug 19 Major update to the Jordan Chart; updated all Tree pages
11 Comprehensive update to the Tree section
10 Added a new Jordan Chart
7 Leitha Mae Katchuk has passed away. More details soon.
1 Many Calendar updates over the last couple days
Jul 24 Heat in TX kills server; new server online
23 Jeanette is scanning bazillions of pics!
Jun 24 Jeanette doing serious family history research!
Apr 23 Added Schaeffer Family Photos
Mar 27 Ongoing research continues
6 Rufus added a page of his friends this week
Feb 27 J-J updated Mom, Dad, Harold and Rufus
21 Lots of Calendar additions during the past week
14 Completely overhauled the Tree section
9 Added the calendar/links section; moved the Intro page
6 Created editors mailing list; cosmetic Calendar changes
5 Cosmetic changes
4 Added a Schaeffer Calendar
3 Added Schaeffer Family Tree material
2 Added a SchaefferStuff Blog
1 Start site
Last updated on August 19, 2006
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